Blank Spaces In Between The Lyrics

Every individuals’ environment differs. In some circumstances, some are in a happy and comfortable place in their life. For many other cases, individuals may be struggling to keep up with their present environment. Some may feel an overbearing shadow pressuring them down, others may be stressed about high expectations from parents, peers, teachers, or even expectations they put on themselves that weigh them down. A human’s body and mind can be similar to a piece of paper. In the beginning, the paper is perfect, and neat. Over time, obstacles, negative events, and rude remarks can damage the paper. Sometimes small damages through small cuts, or tears. On the other hand, big damage to the paper can happen, such as large rips, or the paper crumpling up. We are in different spots on the state of our paper.

Photo by Pixabay

So how do people cope with their environment?

Many people have different ways to get through each day. Some people have a motto, or mantra that keeps themselves afloat. For example, in the film, Fear Street Part One: 1994, the character Josh has the words, “up, up, down, down. Left, right, left, right, B, A, start” to deal with difficult or stressful moments. Other ways people might get through a hard day is through escaping the world through video games, reading a relatable book, talking to family or friends, etc. I view this as a way to keep our “paper” state stable and healthy in order to live our best life possible at the moment.

How do I get through each day? Music.

For me personally, music is the best method to escape from stressful situations, enhances my mood, and can change my mood easily to a sense of calmness. Music can be used for any situation. For example, motivation in running a mile, motivation to do homework, an escape from a harsh environment, a recovery from a slap in the face from life, and more. No matter how bad my day can be, just listening to my favorite song (DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love by Usher, Pitbull), can instantly lighten my mood and just make my worries melt away. Even though the song is ten years old it still makes an impact to me, and can be considered a safe place for me. To me, music is something much more than just words and a beat. Music is something that can revive damages to my “paper” and can help me believe in myself that I will get past every hard day that life throws at me.

Photo by Shaleh Genel

You are strong, and beautiful.

No matter how bad an individual’s day is, we all have our unique ways of coping and getting through a tough day. All our states of paper are different and will always continue to change. However, we all have the power to edit, tape, smooth, and glue our papers to live our best life! Past experiences and obstacles can crumple and tear our paper, but we can always edit the paper to become something powerful, and unique to us.

“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can make that happen, you can make anything happen.

Johann Wolfgang Von Geothe
Photo by Pixabay

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