Caged Birds

Right after the first couple weeks of school, school starts to suck. I could have started this blog post with saying how helpful school is and why you need to go to school, but I didn’t. I honestly think that ninety percent of the things that teachers teach us are useless. My history teacher was teaching us the other day where Istanbul was located, and I don’t think that I will need to know that for the future. I feel like school is a jail cell some days and I am really not in the right mindset to sit in class and pay attention for six hours, while there is a kid next to me that doesn’t know that deodorant exists. Then there are the kids in class that enjoy making everyone’s life miserable by humming. This year there is a guy in my math class that sits there and hums which distracts me.

I can complain all I want about not being able to handle or deal with school, but at the end of the day I will end up going to school. I will share with you what I do that helps me get through school and this environment that I have to be in for hours everyday. My social life is what gets me through most of the days. I am the type of person who needs someone to talk to when I am bored, I don’t enjoy being alone as much, and I love talking. My friends need to tell me to shut up sometimes, I have gotten them in trouble multiple times during class because I can’t stop talking. The classes I enjoy the most are with teachers that give me the opportunity to express myself and really show them who I am. Some of my classes I have to be very introverted which makes me hide my personality which is something I don’t appreciate teachers doing.

Another main part of my social life are my parents they help me get through each day. Most people say that they feel pressured by their parents to do good, but I feel that they let me be free and express myself. I can be weird and completely myself around them and they will always love me no matter what. I am glad that I can say that and be completely honest about it because I know many people can’t. I am grateful that I have two loving parents and two brothers that would beat anyone up for me. A part of me, however, does feel like I have to get good grades and get into college because they never had the opportunity to learn in america. When I am in class all I look at is the TIME, when is this class going to be over, it’s all I think about. School keeps us in this caged jail and doesn’t allow us to fly free and express ourselves.

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