Finding Balance on a Tightrope

“Life is always a tightrope or a feather bed. Give me the tightrope.” – Edith Wharton

A beaten tightrope, suspended over the empty void. This is the position that I have placed myself in. I have traversed onto a point where it is too late to turn back, while the end of the path is nowhere in sight. The journey has only just begun, and yet it all feels so familiar. I have walked this dangerous path so many times, yet I could not be bothered to take the road most traveled. I have chosen to risk my life crossing the crippled rope, even though I could have easily crossed a study wooden bridge to arrive at the same destination. The only thing I can do is to push forward, and hope for the best.

This is how I life my life, on the borderline.

This is how I view school life. The rope represents my path towards graduation. It is a rickety, unstable path, filled with bruises and scars. This symbolizes the wear and tear that my rigorous classes bring. The person crossing the bridge represents my personal well being. All it takes is one false step for my well being to plummet into the endless void of unhappiness. Regardless, I will always try to push myself to achieve greatness, even though the path to get there may be arduous. But this begs the question,

How do I stay happy when the situation seems so bleak?

One way that I stay happy on the rope is to stop momentarily to relax. Pressing forward all the time will not lead to success, but fatigue. The human body was not made to sustain long and tiresome working hours. Instead, we need rest and relaxation to rejuvenate and revitalize our mind and bodies. That being said, relaxing for too long can be detrimental our well being because the rope will start to sag due to our idleness, causing stress and pressure to weigh us down as we try to make up for lost time. There has to be a perfect balance between slothfulness and liveliness in order for me to relax in moderation. If I can find that balance, the road ahead of me will be less stressful and more serene.

Another way I stay happy when venturing on my rope is to always travel alongside the ones that are closest to me. Friends can help me along my path, especially when they share the same goals and hobbies as I do. However, it is important to know that we are all traversing different journeys, but with the same end destination. Some are crossing an iron bridge, while others are crossing a thin thread. That is ok! We all have our own background and identities that make us unique in our very own ways. Friends can help build your character to help you grow as a person. But most importantly, my friends can help me venture across my path, while I can also help them venture across theirs.

Camping, Fire, Camp, Tent, Nature

Concentrating only on my path towards graduation can end up leading to tedium and unhappiness. To ease my mind off the rope, I do a variety of hobbies and activities. Volleyball is a great way to relieve stress because it is a form of physical activity, which can help reduce anxiety, but also is good for my physical and mental health. Reading a good book is also good for detoxing my mind from any prior stress that is bogging me down. I understand that school is of the utmost importance, just as staying on the rope is; however, taking time to distract myself from the rope can prove to be beneficial for my mental health.

Drink, Coffee, Food, Leaves, Autumn

The paths we take to reach our destination can be made easier if we make the most out of our situations.

That’s life.

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