Help Me Please, I’m Addicted to League of Legends

Being addicted to a video game is probably not a good thing, but to be fair it is a good motivation for me to do my school work. Yeah, it is kind of embarrassing to not only be associated with such a game but in fact, playing it almost every day which my friends tell me is not a good thing. However, I genuinely do have fun and enjoy playing League of Legends, as there is one AND ONLY one rule when playing this dumb game, which is to type “/mute all” all the start of every game and you should be good to go! This is due to a large portion of League of Legends players being extremely toxic for whatever reason, as they like to get angry over the simplest things. “/ff” is also great for keeping in mind, as you can finally get out of your toxic team… hopefully! League of Legends helps me burn through my free time when I have nothing to do, and it always sends me into stomach-wheezing laughs when I’m playing Singed mid with my friends (please do not do this in my ranked games). But seriously, Singed mid is weird, please don’t do it, it is horrible and he should stay in the top lane, where he rightfully belongs! Some days, I’ll admittedly even look forward to playing League of Legends after school, especially after long and boring days at school, and then I’ll just end up even more tired after a fifty-minute game. Sometimes, League of Legends is just not worth it, but in the end, it really, really does make me happier and grateful for all of the fun memories… while praying I can forget some other ones.

Someone playing Gwen mid… without minimap? Interesting. I’ll have to try this out tomorrow for sure!

Playing League of Legends is pretty fun, sure, but watching professionals and streamers play is also pretty entertaining. I watch this guy who streams League of Legends a lot, and he’s surprisingly really entertaining, and I play a lot of specific champions because of him actually! is the link to his YouTube channel, I learned a lot on how to play the game better, and I’m thankful for him for that, although I do end up dying double as much for some reason. I will honestly even finish my homework the second I get home just so I have time to watch as much of him as possible!

Baus has a decision here to help his team or take Krugs, which is a camp that gives you gold and experience in League of Legends, and he ends up opting for Krugs. He lost this game because of that…

Either way, I’m just glad I found out about the existence of League of Legends. It has definitely helped me through some times when I feel like I’ll die from boredom, but at the same time, the game is also really toxic. It’s sort of like a love-hate relationship, you know? Anyways, time to go queue up for a game of League of Legends while watching a Baus clip when loading to queue in!

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