Seemingly Impossible Cycle of Life

Are you, are we, and are anyone and everyone truly living? Life, the span of existence allegedly full of excitement and energy, may look extraordinary on paper, but in our societal realities, this “life” depicts a profound period of stress, hardships, and overwhelming experiences.

Interesting Viewpoint on the Real Meaning of Life

For countless individuals, both children and adults alike, a day in one’s life is the same as the last. People say that life is full of mysteries, and every day a constant stream of unprecedented events awaits an individual. Unfortunately, life truly isn’t as exhilarating as it has been thought to be. In my opinion, life is always just a repeated cycle. Every single individual unknowingly follows a constructed set of events that frequently occur, consisting of a compilation of submission to the detrimental systems and regulations of our modern society. The few instances that relieve a person from the continual path of life through minor excerpts of excitement are often mistaken to be a fulfilling life of pleasure. This “life” that we all live, compared to fantasies on TV shows and movies, has a chilling, possibly even gruesome undercover actuality that truly defines one’s day-to-day life.

As we grow up and adventure through the stages of our lives, we slowly gain knowledge of our world as we mature into adults. Yet, this path of life is crowded with unpredictable and unaccountable hardships that stray us away from our imaginative future realities. It is without a doubt that an individual’s personal, childhood experience and events truly shape their futures. The household one grows up in will forever immensely impact their future in a multitude of aspects of their unforeseen life. Along with the negative influences that the traditional, outdated educational system brings to a child, with the innumerable amounts of stress and hours of homework, a driving force, an underlying principle of determination and perseverance, is exceedingly necessary.

An in-depth explanation regarding our education system and its influence on the future of children. Impact of the Educational System

In my personal experience, my cultural household and traditions established a neutral standpoint for the development of my own life. With the responsibilities and expectations set for my success exponentially expanding, it is seemingly impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Finding the necessary, nonexistent time for myself, for my life, and for my health, can be classified as “Mission Impossible”. The plethora of work and errands that require me to complete slowly assembles this constant overwhelming feeling of stress, as it becomes an unremovable aspect of my high school life.

To combat these uncontrollable variables of my life, I resort to my unbreakable friendships. Unwilling to submit to the negative forces striving for my failure, I end up solely relying on the features of my life that are and will always be a part of me: my friends. An outlet is the single most important aspect in dealing with the detrimental effects of stress. Simply being capable of continuously and irrepressibly letting out all the pent-up emotions, thoughts, and feelings frees one of the weights of overstimulation. Essentially, my life revolves around the repeated cycle my precedents inflict upon me. Yet, through the prioritization of important aspects of my life, I am willing to further proceed on the path fate chooses for me.

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