The School Express

I’ve never gotten the chance to just come back from school and take a little nap or get entertainment, it’s always just “go do your homework”. Now I think that someone in his teenage years like me should have some breaks every now and then and just cherish this time and moment in their life. Teenage years come around once so I try to take the experience to the max, but with school and work it’s difficult to do that. I’m always grateful when I have teachers that understand their student’s needs and what they really want. My English teacher puts himself in our place and always understands what we might be going through or what our expectations from his class are and he tries to fulfill them.

I just can’t find a way for myself to make up for the time and moments I’ve wasted on studying. I mean, to be honest, I don’t regret the outcome, but I definitely regret the decisions. The decision of when I chose homework over life, but as I said I don’t regret the outcome or the work after I see the grade. I just really don’t like when I have to choose between friends and family or grades. An experience I’ve had was taking a summer course to jump to a more complex class and then back to school right away. This actually prevented us from visiting the rest of my family. So, I just want to get out of the school express and take the next stop, the life express.

I understand parents telling us to work or join more accelerated/AP classes are all things for our sake and reputation. So, our work and time in return is a gift for all that they’ve done for us, it’s to show and tell them thanks for believing in me. Although this is for our sake, our youth is still fading and we can’t have the memorable moments that we hoped for. I mean do we just endure the work for its sake or do we start transitioning evenly with the school and life expresses? As I said before I don’t regret the outcome of staying up 2 extra hours past bedtime or leaving my friends hanging sometimes because I have a project, I just regret the decision of staying on “The School Express”.

– Nader

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