My Circle

Ever since high school started, it seems like I have been spending a lot more time in my room every day to get by. The amount of homework that has piled up this year has made my waking hours reach late in to the night and even into the weekends. It seems that the higher demand in homework allows me little time for distractions and whatnot, which is what most people struggle with when trying keep up with their homework in a healthy way (getting adequate sleep). I have found that the work environment that I am in greatly affects how well I do in both school and my hobbies. The workspace we occupy should be an enjoyable area, as it makes work just that much less dreadful. Because of this, I have constructed a setup that will maximize efficiency for both my studies and hobbies, ultimately helping me get through the day much easier and more enjoyably.

First off, I have my 2 tables, which holds my PC, school supplies, monitors, and headphones. I use two tables to store all of my things (school supplies, PC, etc.) because it helps reduce clutter and mess, which is vital to your mindset when working. If you work in a messy and unorganized environment, it is very easy to get lost in what you are doing. That type of environment can also affect your attitude when working, as a messy environment will only make you dread studying even more. To make it even better, I use two monitors in my setup due to how convenient it is, especially for reading online. When doing homework that requires me to read and answer questions based off the reading, I can just read from one monitor and answer questions on the other, rather than the tedious and annoying alternative that is switching back and forth between tabs. Finally, one of the most important things on my desk is my headphones, as it allows me to listen to music either while I study or when taking a break. It is one of the best ways to refresh my mind and serves as an escape from reality for a little while, which is something that we all need.

To the right of my seat is where I can access my most favorite hobby of all time, playing my guitar. Having my guitar right next to where I study is not only convenient but motivating, as it is like a reward for me when I get some work done. The guitar is something that I use to pour all my love for music into and is my favorite way of spending time alone. There are no rules to it and I can learn riffs and solos from my favorite bands, which gives me a great sense of accomplishment and is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. The fact that it is right next to me also allows me to get right back to where I was before I picked it up, increasing the effectiveness of my workspace.

Finally, to the left of my seat, is my bunk bed which is substantial for two reasons. The first reason that having a bunk bed is so great is because the elevation prevents me from hopping on to my bed after school, whereas having a bed on the ground tempt me into taking a nap on it. Despite this and all of my other points I have made, my homework will still stretch into the weekends, which is where the genius of the location of my bed comes into play. Because my bed is is literally right next to my desk, I can just hop off my bed when waking up and be ready to do homework/study early in the morning so I can spend the rest of my weekend freely.

Through all of this, I have optimized my area into a little circle where I can work enjoyably and productively, making the struggles of high school a little more bearable.

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