Where Worries Can’t Reach

It is believed that you are able to survive without food or water for about 1-2 months, however, your body would not be able to survive without sleep for 11 days. Sleep is a core component of your overall well-being, not only physically but mentally. Sleeping decreases the likelihood of developing depression, suicidal ideation, or anxiety, lowers reduces stress, improves mood, improves brain performance, lowers the risk for heart disease or diabetes, boosts the immune system, and the list goes on. And for many, like me, it’s a coping mechanism.

So, if sleep is so important why do 72.7% of high school students fall short of the recommended hours?

Revenge bedtime procrastination" could be ruining your sleep schedule -  NBC2 News
Photo by NBC2 News

Recently, more than ever, I’ve been turning to sleep in order to not think about the stressors that loom over my every waking moment. Going through a difficult time is something I still have not gotten used to managing yet, however, as I grow up I learn more ways to cope. I found that I couldn’t effectively distract myself because it would undoubtedly be in the back of my mind, so the only logical solution is to be unconscious. I can’t worry about it if I am unable to think about it! To make it even better when I wake up my mind would be clear and ready to take on those challenges I had been dreading. I believe sleeping is the best coping mechanism, it has gotten me through every single bad day I have ever had, and I know I can rely on it for the rest of them.

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