Happiness: The Simple Solution

Being happy could mean different things to different people. To me being happy is what gets me through my everyday life. Keeping myself happy is usually pretty easy because I do what I love almost every day. Let’s walk through an average day in my life, first thing in the morning I wake up and go have a good breakfast and shower or mix it up and do it the other way around. After eating and showering I get ready for school then my sister and I drive to school together. At school, I do school things from being a good, hard-working student, to eating and hanging out with friends. Throughout the day I try to make it fun by making jokes and talking with people I like, saying hi to the people I don’t like, or waving to the people that don’t like me to throw them off. After school, my mom picks me up and we talk about our days and what happened that day that made it exciting, stressful, or not very good. My mom drops me off and I walk into the house, say hi to my sisters then go to the kitchen and eat. While I’m eating I watch Youtube then go upstairs to do my homework or take a nap. After my nap, I go to practice, come home late, finish my homework, then finally go to sleep.

Getting through the day is not as hard for me because most of the time it is pretty consistent. The things I love most on my average day are going playing volleyball and hanging out with friends. I discovered volleyball a couple of years ago and I love it. I loved it so much that I stopped playing video games in my free time. My drive to get better and be the best makes me want to play even more and that is why volleyball makes me happy. Hanging out with friends makes me happy because in the past my friends have not been the best people and now this year I found a group that I like and that I have fun talking to. But despite all this fun I do have to do things that don’t make me happy, things like homework and chores are things I hate doing but I know they are unavoidable so I try not to let them get to me. Throughout the years I have learned how to have a good attitude about any circumstance that comes my way and to get over it quickly. Now I am working to discipline my mind so that I can better myself even more. I would like to add a couple of things to my schedule such as working out but I need to make time for homework and school.

My life is not perfect, I still have normal problems like any other human but I learned how to change my attitude through volleyball. Volleyball is an emotional and physical sport. In my opinion, you could be physically the greatest player in the world but still, be the worst emotionally. If a player cannot control their mind they cannot control their body. The emotional aspect of volleyball is just as important as the physical aspect of it. For me staying positive has always brought me better results in the game and at practice. I have taken that positivity and brought it into my everyday life. If I do badly on a test I tell myself to not worry about it and to focus on the next one. This pattern of thought increases my mood and my grades. I am struggling to get good grades in math right now but I will get a good grade on the test this week because I have been studying and my mindset is positive.

In conclusion, my happiness does not only depend on the things I do, it also depends on the way I think. Making day-to-day life very simple and without worries.

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