What is Art?

“Music is just words”. I completely and wholeheartedly agree with this statement. The fact that music is just words is a rather underwhelming interpretation of music. However, there is more to it than music being “just” words. A word can mean a variety of things, depending on the person trying to clarify it. In fact, a word can even be seen as a piece of art. Similar to modern examples of art, a word can be perceived differently by everybody, based on each person’s experiences and mindset. For example, a word as simple as “music” can have polar opposite definitions to two people. The first artist I’d think about would be someone like Kendrick Lamar, but it might mean Taylor Swift to someone else. The true beauty of art comes from what it is, which is anything and everything. A remarkable piece of art that Mr. Theriault showed us was the film, “Scavengers”.

My initial thought about the film was the imagery and sounds. It had smooth animation, unique sounds, and was overall appealing to the eyes. This film specifically didn’t have any dialogue, only sounds and imagery. In a way, it reminded me of music. The sounds and imagery in the film painted a greater idea/picture in my mind, the way I get to interpret for myself the instrumental, vocal, and rhythmic components of music. Later on in the week, we were prompted to present our group interpretations of the film, and we got to understand the approach of other students towards the imagery in “Scavengers”. That’s when I truly realized that art is drawing, animation, and sounds, but isn’t truly limited to anything.

Being able to notice or see what we don’t recognize at first can also be a kind of art. One of the activities we did was about noticing/seeing. The most pivotal part of this assignment to me was the writing portion, where we had to write a paragraph about an event or object without revealing what the object was. I was able to see responses to other student’s paragraphs, and all the different responses showed me again that art can also be another point of view. Another simple yet beautiful form of art is animation, drawing, and art style. A movie we watched during wellness week, “Spirited Away”, is an ideal example of visual art. The most subtle details and slight animation allow the audience to truly connect and understand the emotions of the characters. The artists animate the flames, and adjust the environment accordingly in such a way that it makes you feel as if you’re actually there, moving coal with Chihiro. The color, sparks, the way you can imagine the hot wind on Chihiro’s face by the way her hair blows back make the audience create a greater attachment to the character, as well as allowing them to more easily visualize how it must feel to be in her place. The way she quickly runs back reminds me of how hot that fire truly must have burned. Art is simple, yet complex. Beautiful, but can be ugly, frightening even. Art is in every word.

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