Express Yourself

Expressing yourself is one of the most important things you can do. It is what gives you can identity; shows people what you like and dislike. It is what will make you friends because you want to be friends with people similar and expressing yourself is a way to find out if you guys are similar. How do you express yourself though?

There are many ways to express yourself, you can express yourself through words, actions, and even the people you hang around. For example, in the video “Lost and Found” the guy represents himself through his art. Some people may see his art as useless, but to him there are deeper meanings and it’s what keeps him going to live day to day. “You only need 3 things to live, food, shelter, and a reason to live,” states the man in the video.

One of my favorite things to express myself with is clothes, some people may see clothes as something that you just wear so you don’t get arrest for human indecency. However, myself and many others view clothes as a way we can express ourself without having to be too social. One of my favorite brands “Off White” is a big way people can represent themself through clothes. The creator of “Off White” Virgil Abloh is considered one of the influential people of the 20th century. He is the first African American man to head menswear department in the brand over 100 years. He made clothes that represented the struggle of being an African American even after how far we have come from discrimination and even spoke on a song about the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. The song is called “Shoes” and it speaks on the daily struggle of being an African American and how discrimination is still prominent.

People also like to express themselves through clothes by showing their sexuality or what they enjoy to do. Take example someone wearing a piece of clothing that say Taylor Swift on it, someone who also enjoys Taylor Swift could go up to them and make a new friend. My friend Eric who is a big anime fan expresses himself by wearing anime shirts and thats how I knew that we were going to be good friends. Clothes can just be a piece of cloth to some people, but to others it could be how they express themself or how they invite people to make new friends.

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