Overcoming the Barriers

Procrastination is something we can all say we have done before. For many of us, it’s a constant roadblock in our everyday routine and the tasks that we add to our to-do list everyday. Whether we misjudge a task and think that it will be short and easy, and we leave it to the last minute, or whether we keep putting it off because of how daunting it seems.

Taking the First Step

Getting started can take a lot of effort. Although you may already have a plan for what you’ll do, taking the action of doing it can be hard, as the narrator of Lost and Found said: “[T]hen you have that horrible phase when you have to [do it].” Use any motivation you like, to push yourself to start. It can even be a little saying to yourself: that the task will be over soon.

Productivity Plan

To maximize your productivity, there are certain things you can do to be efficient in your work schedule. As seen in the Productivity Infographic, ways to stay on track include limiting your distractions, scheduling your day, rewarding yourself, and breaking up larger tasks

If there is constant distraction around you, your work efficiency will decrease as you will have trouble completely focusing on the task at hand, and getting it done within reasonable time. Closing your door if your household is noisy and clearing all distractions from your workspace can increase your productivity. 

Planning ahead and scheduling your day, giving each task a reasonable amount of time to get completed, can also be really beneficial. Make sure to add breaks in between too, as anyone would have trouble focusing for such a long period of time without breaks. If there is a particularly daunting task, you can break it up into smaller sections to be completed in a set number of work sessions. When you finish, reward yourself for a day well done!

An Established Routine

Once you figure out your routine and get started, you maximize your productivity and work efficiency. It all gets easier from there. In the short film “Scavengers,” the main characters had a very specific and successful routine they followed each time. Once they have an established routine, they can get so much done.

Once we clear the roadblocks, our path will become much clearer and easier to manage. Getting rid of procrastination is the key step. Motivate yourself to start and then plan your schedule: limit distractions, add breaks, and break down larger tasks. Once you’ve set a routine for yourself, you will have maximized and reached efficient productivity. We all have great potential in achieving success. 

Good luck!

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