Error: Poor Connection

When phones were originally invented, they were meant as a way to connect with the people around us when we could be together. To be able to talk to someone without having to travel 20 miles to see them. Eventually, social media was created and it was great, at first. It was amazing that you could see what was happening in your friends’ life while they were in another country or connect with people that you hadn’t seen for 20 years. How could something capable of so much connection cause so much isolation? 

Well, connecting over the phone or social media was so easy that it made connecting in real life much more difficult. Who would want to go through the struggle of meeting new people when you could meet 20 with just the click of a button? As I sit at dinner in a public restaurant and see so many people around me consumed by the online world, it makes me “think how much I have seen disappear in my own life [and] what will there be for this person [in the future.]” Like the bonsai tree, cell phones and social media “dwarf their growth”. 

However, for every bad thing, there is a good. FaceTime is a great way of connecting that does the best job of recreating a real-life interaction. Unlike many other apps, it allows you to see the person you’re talking to in real time, which can make connecting in person much easier. Social media can also be a great thing. It can greatly increase connection because you can feel like you are experiencing important events in people’s lives through the things they post. 

As we spread more awareness about the isolation of technology, we can inspire more people to stop hiding in their cell phones and experience some of the best adventures that come with living. If we can move away from the isolation of cell phones, and move towards the connection that they can bring then “the list of firsts for [us] is endless.”

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