Fortnite: A Survival Game of Creativity

Fortnite is an exceedingly fun and entertaining free-to-play game. It is a 100-player battle royale game in which you can play with your friends or by yourself. The point of Fortnite is to survive, after all, it is a battle royale game. A battle royale game is an action game in which you plan out where you want to land on the battlefield, how you want to play out the match, and what your next move will be. All of these steps are essential to survival, which is what the film Scavengers is about. The film Scavengers is about two survivors that are stranded on an island and are fervently searching for a way home. Similar to Fortnite, the two survivors are almost out in their own battle royale game, trying to survive and win the victory, which would be getting back home. The two people use their surroundings as a tool to survive, which is interchangeable with Fortnite in the sense that surviving is key to victory and requires your surroundings as a tool. As easy as it sounds, Fortnite is a challenging game that takes time to become skilled at and lots of exploring to get used to, especially when playing with friends.

Picture of Fortnite Survival, taken from Broken Joysticks.

Although I stated that playing Fortnite with friends is fun, it often becomes mundane when your friends, or teammates, get knocked down in-game. When your friends are knocked down, they typically get slain by the enemy; however, you are still able to bring your friends back to life. Even though your teammates may be dead, you can still pick up their reboot card and bring them back into the game at a reboot van. This is similar to the main character in the movie Spirited Away, and how she is on a long journey to return her parents to normal after they were transformed into dirty pigs. This is essentially like rebooting your teammates back to life, you go on a long journey to bring them back. The girl encounters lots of unique challenges, as well as people on her journey to reboot her parents. This is similar to Fortnite in the sense that you encounter lots of people that try to fight and stop you from bringing your friends back.

Picture of a reboot van from Fortnite, taken from The Verge.

When it comes to Fortnite, versatility is a huge factor and there isn’t only a battle royale gamemode. Another gamemode in Fortnite is creative. As it sounds, the creative mode allows you to use your imagination and creativity to design new ideas. As I stated before, Fortnite is a battle royale game, but it contains a unique factor. Unlike other battle royale games like PUBG, or Apex Legends, Fortnite has a building factor in which you can create structures. In the Fortnite creative mode, you can create and build any content you want on your very own island, similar to the film Lost and Found. The film Lost and Found is about a man named Blair that lives alone in nature and uses creative ideas to build off each other and design inventions all around his house. Similar to creative mode, you can use your open imagination to create and design ideas that build off each other, just like Blair.

Picture of Fortnite creative, taken from Epic Games.

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