Homework : Help or Harm

Have you ever been at school in class and your teacher assigns you a huge homework assignment just after you had a big test? We all hate doing homework, but homework isn’t just another thing to check off of our list and it can help us more than we think. Homework can help students with time management and it helps them learn how to set their priorities. We need to learn how to prioritize the right things in order to be successful in life. These skills are very helpful for finding a job later in life. Homework also lets parents see what the students are learning in class. This gives parents a chance to see what their children are doing in class so the parents can approve of what their children are learning. 

Homework can also help us learn how to persevere through challenging times in order to reach a goal. In the Mojave phone booth 99% invisible article, the writer states, talking about Godfrey (Doc) Daniels “He didn’t know where it was. He didn’t know if it actually existed. So he called it. No one answered, but he was undeterred. He continued to call…” 

Daniels didn’t hear anyone on the other side of the line when he called but he kept on calling. He persisted and kept on calling until someone finally picked up on the other line. When we are doing some assignment that we don’t enjoy, like homework, we still have to persevere through the difficult times in order to see the benefits.

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