How We Can Express Ourselves Through Music

Almost everyday I look around at school while walking around and see multiple people with their airpods or earbuds in. As one of those people I’d like to understand what makes music so compelling that people or students listen to it almost 24/7.

Music is a way that almost everyone can connect with. Whether it’s a popular song or just a bird singing. Almost everything can be interpreted and expressed through music. Music isn’t just a bunch of sounds that are combined, it’s something that tells a story. The movie, Spirited Away, has a specific soundtrack that expresses what is happening. Just by listening to the soundtrack, you can tell the mood of the movie. All of the music influences the person that’s listening to it and helps them connect with themselves. As said by Joe Hisaishi, who created the soundtrack, “You don’t get music in your daily life, do you? Even in a movie, it’s unnatural to have music. I always feel it’s unnatural. But I want to make it not unnatural, to construct reality in another sense.” This quote talks about how music can be and should be expressed in our daily life.

Another example of music influencing someone is in the video Lost and Found. The music has a nice and calming tone but with a hint of curiosity. By using this type of music we can see that even though the protagonist is calm and caring he still has a hint of curiosity to him which shows how curious and how much of a tinkerer he is.

In the video, The Last Bookstore, we can hear a calming and joyful tune in the background. From this, we can assume that the video is going to be interesting and joyful. This turns out to be true as we look in on the interesting story of how John Spencer kept alive and built The Last Bookstore.

Music helps us express ourselves and tells a story. It’s just how we as human beings create and mingle with it that we can interpret it differently.

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