Is There Evil in Creativity?

Ever since we were born, we were always told to “be creative” in whatever we were supposed to do. We’ve needed to come up with things at the top of our heads and expand on our new ideas, such as for a drawing, writing assignment, or a fictional story. The ability to think or imagine always fascinated me, as it is simple yet complex at the same time. Its prevalence in society shows how simple it is as, like stated above, we have always used our minds to create something new. Additionally, we use it everyday in our conversations to make jokes, be sarcastic, and much more. However, its complexity is found in its vagueness and broadness where one must find a topic and explain in one’s own way. But my real question is, is there evil in being too creative and having too large of an imagination? Or is it solely a benefit in life? If so, what are the positives, and what are the negatives?

One of the most prevailing advantages of creativity towards society is invention. Innovation has helped society grow as a whole while also helping individuals in their work and boredom. The sliver of inventiveness may be able to originate an object that is incredibly unique and useful. This could be found in the video “Lost and Found” in which Blair Somerville describes his job of creating new items with old or organic materials. Not only has his products bettered others’ lives, it has also provided entertainment and joy to the public and to himself, showing how experimenting with one’s imagination may be advantageous. As well as that, he talks about how the designing phase is the most fun part and how the horrible phase is the act of physically making it. This interpretation of work with creativity demonstrates how thinking artistically can be both pleasurable and lead to successful results.

Another positive aspect of having an inventive mindset is the ability to create thorough plans. Some decisive plans need a feature of ingenuity to get through, like escape rooms, puzzles, and others. Using this thinking potential is similar to how Chihiro returned to her world in the movie, Spirited Away. In the movie, Chihiro is stuck in the spirit world and, with a little help, she is able to think of ways to escape and leave. Her journey and actions throughout the world espouses the importance of creativity in situations like this one as she thought of a variety of ways to escape successfully. Therefore, being imaginative in this way is important to solving problems. 

With every good comes a bad. Following the two positives above, a negative would be excessive use of imagination. Those who immoderately visualize are led to thinking in a different reality and sometimes cannot differentiate between their world and the real world. Moreover, success in creation leads to even more creative thoughts that could lead to obsession or dangerous outcomes. The film, “Scavengers”, very well espouses this idea of how creativity can result in obsession. In the video, it is shown that the two astronauts found different ways to view their old life on Earth by hurting the creatures on the unknown planet. As shown very clearly, the astronauts have done this process multiple times and are constantly taking advantage of what they are able to do. Their obsession with the vision caused them to repeat the process many times, further explaining how creativity has the capability to end as evil. 

Creativity is often encouraged in a variation of ways, but many have not taken into consideration its extreme possibilities. However, I do believe that it has many more benefits than detriments and plays an important role in the human mind. Exploration in society and life is a must, but knowing your limits is a necessity. Like all other things, creativity has an indefinite but reachable limitation; indefinable in a sense that it is different for everyone, but reachable as it can occur.

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