Music is an Art

I love listening to music and many other people do too. I personally like listening to music while working, driving in the car, or even while I am walking on the sidewalk. Music to me is like a story portrayed in rhythm and voice. Sometimes, when listening to certain music, a connection just hits. According to the 99% Invisible Podcast about the Mojave Phone Booth, ‘‘It was really quite a moment’’ when a connection happened.

This may be surprising, but I didn’t like listening to music until very recently. I didn’t know how acutely ‘‘I was affected in that moment’’ – Barry Lopez It just resonated with me. Sometimes it takes an experience to be able to understand how other people feel relating to an emotional experience like losing a loved one.

Music can be expressed in different ways and mean different things to everyone. That’s because music is a type of art. Since it is not necessarily specific like a painting or a sculpture, the interpretation of it holds an even deeper meaning. It is also eye-opening how different sounds blended together create different sounds and tones which relate to our mood like happiness and sadness. As music continually progresses, different forms emerge like hip hop, jazz, classical, rock. Country music is a genre of music that a lot of people don’t necessarily like due to the repetition of the same theme or topic. Some songs that resonate with me are ‘‘Arcade’’, ‘‘Titanium’’, and ‘‘Chandelier’’.

Music albums like ‘‘All Too Well’’ by Taylor Swift which portrays a story and a message behind the music itself. I believe that music is important. It’s not because it’s part of our daily lives, but because it holds meaning. When something holds meaning to at least one person, it is important to them.

This album from Taylor Swift’s version “All Too Well” is about a relationship. It had its highs and lows and all relationships will have that as well. Even though it was about a romance, the relationships we have in life are meaningful and impactful and can also be worthwhile. It represents how relationships aren’t perfect. Many people including teenagers may be dealing with an unsteady relationship and can resonate with this.

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