Striving For A Better Generation

In the current moment, the world was introduced with humanity’s new generation, which is also widely known as Generation Alpha, after Generation Z that represents most teens today. People born between the 1990s and 2010s are considered to be in Generation Z and unfortunately, every generation does come with its pros and cons. Although the members of Generation Z are considered to be socially engage in fighting against human injustices regarding race and gender, this age group is also notorious for its aggressive behaviors towards the community and disrespect towards their guardians despite having more privileges than many others in America, which can be seen as spoiled. Thus, the argument presented today regards whether we should enact some change for the newer generation.

Children of the late have been shown to be more disrespectful towards the community and their guardians, whether this is a parental or community influenced; these impolite habits will pose as a problem if this causes our society to be dangerous. An example of this situation would be in a middle school, which I used to attend, where students tend to have an aggressive behavior towards each other. Despite being a place that use to hold many honors and gate students, it now changed into a school in which people vape, fight, and show unsightly behaviors towards  teachers creating an unsafe environment. Furthermore, there was a film called Scavengers that told a story of how two siblings lived on an unknown planet after experiencing a ship malfunction that resulted in a crash landing. However, their survival meant for the killing and cruel use of the living organisms in the unknown environment, which could be connected to how we treat others. In my opinion, we as a community should make sure that people in Generation Z start to respect the community and those around them as our society right now may start breaking apart.

Although yearning for something is considered normal, based on who I interact with day to day online and in person, the current generation of humans seem to have a higher expectation in what treatment or things they received. Lately, there have been more players, assuming that they are in their teens or younger, who have invested in microtransactions in a game. Many of the times, children of Generation Z spend their parents money constantly as shown in Statista as compared to Generation X, 1965 – 1980, who have spent considerably less money. Moving on, regardless of when the movie Spirited Away was shown to public, it shows a good representation of the excessive greedy behavior of children today.

The picture above shows how there are some people who would value their own well being and start hoarding things. This would eventually lead some employees in the movie to get swallowed by “No Face”, an unknown spirit, as their greed blinded them. To my perspective, America has a lot of potential, but we need to help Generation Z and other upcoming generations to stop being dependent on their parents for so much money.
Contradictory to the former claims, some consider Generation Z and Alpha fine as the way it is because of its ethnically and racially diverse society. In America, people have been known to stand up and protest for other race minorities as Jennifer D. Roberts states “the murder of George Floyd and the protests demonstrations attended by millions” in her blog, which shows the people’s willingness to participate in supporting racial equality. Yet this could have taken a less violent approach. Similarly, the song “Shoes” by Lupe Fiasco depicts of the his reaction towards the death of a young African American man and his audience tend to be for the younger group. In his song, he feels warmhearted as “Touchin’, I never forget it like ridin’ bikes” when people come support each other even if there are from a different origin. Thus, showing how Generation Z and Alpha do take interest in protesting against the unethical decisions of racism. Although some may consider this a prime reason to not put in the effort to correct the newer generation’s other behavior, in my opinion, it would be best to make sure that the newer generation doesn’t just support other races, but to also be kind to everyone.

In conclusion, we as a community should strive for a better community by influencing the young to be more kind and dependable. As we achieve this goal, our society will be a much better and safer place to live in and hopefully it will eventually become a role model for even newer generations.

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