The Thoughts of a Teenager

The mental health of teenagers is something that is not recognized enough. Whether you are in junior high, high school, or even college, it is something that should not be sugar coated. Every person experiences trouble with it and every person should not be ashamed in talking about it. It is very hard to deal with on your own and very hard to find coping mechanisms that work too. To bring light to the situation, I will be sharing my view on how mental health should be dealt with as well as my personal experiences dealing with it.

Going into middle school I knew it was going to be a hard transition. Being a very dedicated hard working person was going to change when sixth grade started. My workload was different, my friends were different, and the environment was different. With that being said, I found the majority of my mental health problems sprouting from the stress that I was feeling. I was so overwhelmed with my homework and keeping a balanced schedule that I was constantly worrying. I did what I could to try and relieve this stress but sometimes it was very hard for me. While working on my group’s infographic, I found many primary ways to relieve stress, one of them being exercise. This was something that I found crucial in helping me manage my stress in middle school. Still to this day it helps me as well. It keeps me distracted, makes me feel good, and it is a good way to kill some time.

In the essay “Children in the Woods,” the writer was approached by a woman who said it was fascinating how much children notice things. Following this he explained, “The effect, for all I know, has lasted a lifetime.” Once a person notices something, it sticks for a while, just like how once we feel things like stress or anxiety, it feels like it will never go away. This is why I find this topic so important to talk about. Some people are unaware of their resources or coping strategies. Josh Spencer, the owner of a place called The Last Bookstore, found his love for books and decided he wanted to make a business out of it. This is an example of coping because he found something that inspired him and something that he enjoyed. It kept him focused on the books and his business rather than anything else. By finding something you enjoy that keeps you distracted, you can start the healing journey on your own. There will be ups and there will be downs but there are always ways to get help and people who are willing to help you through it all. Mental health is a sensitive topic, but there are many ways to help yourself or others who are going through it.

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