Unfortunate Faults

Despite how much I complain about things, more of my life’s problems than I am willing to admit are a result of my own choices. Actually, most of them are probably because of me. Don’t get me wrong, a little luck could always help and it does on occasion. But unfortunately, I am too stubborn and lazy to fix any of these problems.

One of the biggest problems in most peoples’ lives is of course school or work. I’m not exactly sure about work but from my deductive reasoning, I’m guessing that the time they take up is a major part of why people don’t like the two so much. As a highschooler, late nights studying and doing work are super common, its almost more rare to have days without them. For me, this happens completely because of my laziness and procrastination. Despite how much I, along with many other students complain, most of the time teachers give us plenty of time to do work. We just don’t like to do it when its assigned. That’s why on some days, we have “no work” while others we got hours of it from every class. We do have work, its just not due the next day so we decide not to do it. Then, when we’re up in the middle of the night still working, we start complaining and hating life. All of this results in most of the stress involved in school, which is most of the stress in our lives. Just because we’re too lazy to do work consistently.

Another large problem for me at least is the fear and worry apart of doing things. Whether its getting good grades or fitting in, there’s always something to worry about. You can help this in many different ways but there isn’t any real way to completely fix it. It always feels like after you fix one problem, another one comes up for you to worry about, which will always happen. I find that the best way to help is by instead of fixing all of the problems, you fix yourself. Instead of constantly trying to fit in by getting new clothes or a new haircut, if you just relaxed a little and cared a little less about what other people think, you’d find that a lot of those problems go away. I’m not saying don’t do those things or care at all, you of course need to try a little. But take it easy, don’t live for other people, do what you enjoy. What you’re wearing does not really matter when it comes to making friends. And all of those embarrassing moments you clearly remember, there is a very high chance no one else remembers or won’t forget.

“It is your nature
to be small and cozy,
domestic and weak;
how lucky, little tree,
to have a pot to grow in.”
– Marge Piercy; “A Work of Artifice”

Unfortunately, it’s human nature to be lazy and worry about things. You can’t get rid of that completely but there’s always a way to improve yourself. Its hard, even though I’ve acknowledged my faults, I haven’t done anything about it. That’s why failure is such a good teacher, it gives people the determination to change and not let it happen again. But its always good to stop it before it happens if you can by fixing some of these things.

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