Why Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper of this generation.

While other rappers may be more popular, Kendrick Lamar, in my opinion is the best rapper of this generation. He has won numerous awards for his rapping and songwriting, his unique style of music, and impact on people’s lives. because Kendrick’s songwriting gives all of his lyrics a meaning in his songs. In the song, Nosetalgia, by Pusha T featuring Kendrick, it talks about the struggles of growing up in Compton, California which is known for gang violence. In the song, it talks about Kendrick being a good kid and Pusha T being a trouble maker and being involved with drugs. In the line, In the line, “Quantum physics could never show you the world I was in When I was ten back when nine ounces had got you ten and nine times out of ten, (n word) don’t pay attention and when there’s tension in the air, nines come with extensions”. Additionally, Kendrick’s style of music has always made him stand out from other rappers. Instead of following the traditional way of rapping, Kendrick instead got into R&B, pop and psychedelic soul. This brought him lots of attention , and Kendrick Lamar’s music has helped people. The reason for this is because his music has let people forget about their problems and just focus on the present. The need for support has always been here and there are solutions such as listening to his music. For example, in the movie Spirited Away, the No-Face was lonely and followed Chihiro in order to get rid of the empty feeling he had. Kendrick Lamar’s music helps get rid of the emptiness by having songs that people can relate too. His music is like a Twix Bar, mainstream, and really good.

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