LEGOs the Building Blocks of Imagination

LEGO is a revolutionary company that can allow anyone to be able to play. LEGO can offer things to both kids and adults. LEGO seems like a great company that cares for its customers, but how do they achieve this?

The LEGO instruction manual is very special. The manual is made for everyone, and they creatively get around language barriers. The manuals have no words, just pictures. This can be associated with the short film “Scavengers’’, no words are said throughout the entire film but you can still understand the gist of what’s going on. Even though the manuals only use pictures, you can still easily understand what to do. You can see the amount of effort that LEGO went through just so they could make their product accessible to everyone. If you’re wondering what about blind people LEGO also has a special line of braille LEGOs. They’re thinking about everything.

Lego Instruction Manual

Something that comes to mind with every LEGO box is who designed the LEGO creation inside. Who designed the specific manual? Who made the cover art? These questions were inspired by the “Mojave Phone Booth” Podcast episode. The episode made me want to start questioning every little detail, in this case, LEGO products. Unfortunately, LEGO doesn’t give an exact answer. They give you a general answer by listing who all the designers are but not on which sets they worked.

What if you don’t want to follow the instructions? If you don’t want to follow the instructions you have one of the best materials in front of you to build whatever you can imagine. LEGO inspires and welcomes you by building whatever you want out of its bricks. The LEGO company wants you to use your imagination and make anything you want. LEGO holds building competitions to see your creativity run wild.

If you love LEGO and are truly passionate about it you can even become a designer yourself. LEGO has a program where anybody is allowed to submit a LEGO build with a chance of it becoming a real set. If you want to go further you can even work as a LEGO designer or a LEGO “master builder” at Legoland. According to Blair Somerville,” Everyone just needs some food, shelter, and a reason for living to be happy.” Building LEGOs to some extent could be your reason to live. If you love LEGOs that much you can make playing with LEGOs your career

Overall you can tell that LEGO is a great company. You can see they care about their consumers. LEGO has even come out as one of the most reliable companies for the 6th year in a row. LEGO has even been the most reputable company for 2 years in a row. LEGO cares about your creativity and wants to see you flourish. 

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