Assenting to Officials

Full of skeletons in the closet. We know we live in a society where the government is above all, keeping daily operations running from the store employees, healthcare workers, to business owners obeying the written laws and regulations. Everything we know of, goes through the government first…

 In the podcast “The Mojave Phone Booth”,  this notorious phone booth placed in the middle of a nowhere, hidden to only be found while flipping through a magazine to unfold the phone number that sparked an “ obsession ” according to Doc Daniel himself. He made it his mission to keep calling the phone booth until someone answered on the other side.  With all the publicity gained from word being spread one way or another, from the first lady who answered, Lorene, in the middle of Mojave desert “ making her calls,” to Australia, England, Switzerland, and beyond until the “ booth was gone”. The National Park Service turned attention to the booth, for the booth being in the center of a new national preserve. This phone booth had never been a problem until attention was brought upon it and they decided to extend the Joshua Tree land? So, the booth being there was suddenly a problem with this extension. I understand the foot traffic may cause concern from nature preservation society and all but what about the reasons why the phone booth was put there in the first place. Which is to have communication access in the middle of nowhere. There are so many questions about how this operation came to be and it ended with higher power hauling it away mysteriously without putting out a statement. What about Lorene making her daily calls living around there? 

Joshua Tree National Park by Carol M Highsmith is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

Our government wants to protect us, safety wise and honor our amendment rights to life, liberty, and freedom. Even with government supported programs within the United States, poverty levels continue to skyrocket in rural, urban areas across the nation. Young children are being exposed to being under-served as their harsh reality. Kids deserve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to develop, love and care from a parent figure, they need to feel safe in an environment. Safety in today’s society has decreased with new uprising crime rates. “Inherit the Earth” is a documentary bringing much needed light, to show directly inside the lives of young teens and kids describing murders, crimes, robbery occurring right in front of them. The children “ feel the most safest in their home and they are glad they stayed inside their house; instead of being at the wrong place at the wrong time”. How has it gotten this way? Crooked policeman work and or overall corruption leading up to this? All it takes is one person to do something wrong and the other person agrees to stay hush for the system to be corrupted and un-doable for the wrongs to be righted because the harm has been done. With the youth already behind due to resources they remain tough enough to tackle their future motivated goals, to give their parents and themselves a better life. Fast forward to 3:04, we get an up close quote from a young girl with her sister, what would you do to stop the bad things happening? She answers drugs, as an adolescent she probably knows what they are truly but knows they are BAD and ruining the world. The foreshadow in the beginning of the video is a boy saying there are many drug dealers on his block, but they move around so don’t worry. Drugs are illegal yet they are plaguing society in astonishing 32 billion worth trafficking business, use is heightened with poverty related causes.

In this Oct. 26, 2018 photo, a man walks past vacant rowhomes in the Harlem Park neighborhood of Baltimore. “There are whole sections of our city that look like 1980’s Beirut,” said Carol Ott, an advocate for tenants’ rights in Baltimore who has helped bring the punishing scope of the decades-old problem to light. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

But behind all the wrong questionable situations I put forth so far I wanted to end off with a grateful note on the wonders the planet Earth provides for life of humans, fruitful land, nature, bodies of water, In a graphic film The Scavengers , we observe a women and man seen being stuck on an warm tone, Mars like planet with the bigger than life imagined creatures living on that planet with natural capabilities. The specific movements and ritual of the two displayed repetitive already known or done before in order to make advancement for the end goal, to get back home. What I take from the two characters being on the stranded planet with no laws, government, society, other citizens, you are unhappy and are isolated from what we know as the world revolving. Government whether in a monarchy, dictatorship, representative democracy, establishment occurred more back than anyone could remember repeating a pattern and developing branches/jobs for mankind to hold. We see this pattern on government developing from The Enlightenment, French Revolution, American Revolution of establishing democracy we use today. Even if we don’t find the truth behind hidden secrets such as “alien creatures” in the infamous Area 51, we are definitely all aware of how the government seals up footage and proof of any sightings. Social media has played a huge part in how you and I can make conspiracy theories, such as this one. It can start as a trend, or one posting a video “Sneaking into Area 51” and whatever social media job applies. We all have seen those UFO sighting footage, am I right? But I noticed throughout the years, raw footage of a person posting their clip has been taken down by Youtube. The only videos that come up when searching up “UFO Sightings” are only from news outlets of CNN, BBC, ABC, etc. With these thoughts lingering, the human thing to do is we all want to go back to normal and not be used to terrestrial creatures that may or may not exist. Do we want to open up Pandora’s Box?

1:20 min video footage of UFO sighting taken by navy pilots (Pentagon Declassified Footage)

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