Volleyball: More Than a Sport

Originally called mintonette, volleyball began more than a century ago with one man named William G Morgan. He sought out to create a sport that was not as rough as basketball for people who preferred less contact. The sport originated from basketball, baseball, tennis and handball creating a sport that is now played by over 800 million people around the world. After volleyball became a nationally recognized sport and continued to be played in the Olympics around 1957 it has not stopped growing and still has not reached its peak. 

“You don’t need that much to live on, just a reason to be alive.” Lost and Found. I myself have been playing volleyball for 3 years now starting my 7th grade year. This was the year I fell in love with my sport. I started to bring volleyball to school in 7th grade because tryouts were soon and all of my friends enjoyed playing together. Finally tryout day rolled around and I made the first cuts. I was surprised because believe it or not there were some good volleyball players in middle school. Second cut results came out and I did not make it. This was a very tough loss for me because I really loved the sport. But then I got an email saying that they did want me on their team, they just could not decide between me or another player. A third tryout was held just for me and him. We both played very well and in the end both made the team (Except during the actual games he was benched the entire time). We ended up placing first that year and my love for volleyball was officially born. A tinkerer once said “Things come together in so many different ways” Lost and Found 

“You learn about communication, teamwork, dedication and organization/prioritizing your time. I miss volleyball training because you get pushed past your limit and find out what you are capable of accomplishing.” says Misty May-Treanor a Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist; 2019 All-Time Great Female Beach Player. Not only does volleyball increase your physical fitness it also heightens your mental strength. Making it a well rounded sport requiring both physical and mental capabilities. 

Not only has volleyball changed the world of sports it has also changed the world of entertainment and animation. The most popular volleyball anime was created, Haikyuu. This anime captures the excitement of playing volleyball (in a more exaggerated way of course). It is about a high school volleyball player who is short compared to most players. Most of the series is about his path to greatness even though his size happens to be smaller than the average  player. Him and his team go through a series of games and tournaments and finally come out victorious in nationals. Different problems arose and new solutions were made, One things I learned from this show is that there are many solutions to one problem, as shown in the infographic created by my table group. 

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