Emotions Of Life

The Innocence of Youth

As I looked over to my brother I saw the huge mountains of clothes on his bed.

I asked him, “Whose are those?”

He replied, “They’re mine but I’ve decided that it’s time to move on. Would you like to choose anything from the pile? They might fit you in a couple years”.

I decided to check out the clothes and found all sorts of t-shirts, pants, underwear, socks, and hoodies. As a person who loves over sized hoodies I decided to pick my favorite from the pile. I found many different hoodies that I adored. I looked through the jeans but as someone who likes to be comfortable they were not my go to. I didn’t need any over sized socks or underwear so I decided to stray away from them. As I looked around I saw some t-shirts that I liked. They brought back memories as I recall my mom hating one of them and threatening to throw it away. My brother had found the whole situation funny and just stuffed it into his closet. 

As I walked away I stated, “Thanks for letting me pick out my clothes. I really adored them”.

My brother said, “Well what do you know, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. 

I responded in a frustrated tone as I didn’t understand what he meant, “I don’t want your trash”!

Curiosity and Knowledge 

As we looked up at the stars I heard a faint whisper.

She said, “You want to know what that constellation is”?

I replied softly, “Of course”. 

She started rambling, “You see those ten main stars right there? That’s the constellation of Aquila. It’s an eagle that represents the bird that carried thunderbolts for Zeus in Greek mythology. You see those twenty main stars? That’s the constellation of Sagittarius. Sagittarius was a half horse half man that was an archer. Usually his lower body was depicted as the horse and his upper body took the form of a human”.

I replied, “That’s crazy how do you know so much stuff”.

She said, “I don’t know, learning can just be fun at times”.


After all these years and all the things I’ve done I made it. Finally I was able to rest and relax. I leaned back expecting my family to catch me but just ended up landing on the couch. As I laid on the couch I began to think about everything I had done. By abandoning everything and pursuing my material goal I had lost all of my other wealth. Even though I had material wealth there was nobody to comfort me. No friends and no family. Everybody was gone and I had nothing. I began to feel a void in my heart and an empty feeling. Nothing mattered because I had nothing. I had nobody and I was nobody…


As I stood at the altar I began to rethink my life. Through all my experiences this had to be the happiest one ever. After a long distance relationship for almost five years we’re finally here. My heart was racing as I began to think about the future. Soon enough we would be living together in my family home. After a couple years of saving money we would move out and buy our first house together. My mind retracted as I began to hear gasps from the crowd. There she was…the time and commitment had finally paid off. She was beautiful.


I woke up to the sounds of my mom getting off of a call. 

She said, “Bye bye, thank you”.

She started crying and screaming as soon as she hung out. I stayed in bed scared but I heard my brother, sister, and father all rush out. I soon came out after they were there.

We asked, “What’s wrong”?

She took a while but responded, “My mother is dead”.

I didn’t know what to say and just sat down. My father started to hug my mother and my siblings just stayed on the couch. We stayed there for around thirty minutes but didn’t say anything. We soon got a call from my aunts and uncles. They started talking and crying at the same time together. 

We soon rushed up to the house which was only an hour away. My father drove as my mother was incapable. As we got there we saw my grandfather being rushed away in an ambulance. He didn’t want to go but my aunts and uncles forced him to. We all socially distanced but watched from afar. All afraid of the possibility and unreal reality that we were in right now. 

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