Life stories from the past to the present

 In life, people have businesses, jobs, and houses. We get or achieve this but having great communication with someone you trust and know can get the job done. That is why communication is the key to life because without it we cannot do anything and achieve anything. By talking with people you get to learn about the world and have a better understanding of work and business. It allows you to have opportunities that you never thought were possible. Engaging with people really helps you build more confidence and relationships across the world. That is also why we have so many people learning different languages so they can communicate more with the world and grow their minds and learn about this world. Communication also leads to good relationships whether it is a couple, business, or just in general. Talking or communicating with people helps you in so many ways that you don’t even know. In the world, there are always miss communications that can cause problems such as anger, divorce, or even ending themselves. With strong communication with people, you have less chance of that happening and overall it makes your life easier. My last example is that if you search Bill Gates he has partnered with people to help save other people’s lives in other countries. He did this by communicating with them and making deals with his ability to speak and made it happen. 

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Raising Kids

People talk about having kids and how easy it is to take care of them. But in reality, it’s not easy at all to take them. First of all, you have to make sure you keep them safe and raise them the right way, or else in the future, they can turn out bad. You need to ensure that you can provide everything that you can to help support them with their education and sports. Imagine doing all this but having multiple kids, which means that you gotta do the triple or however many kids you have the work. Having a child probably makes you worry about many things like can I take care of this child all right and can I love the child? If the parents or children have no connection the relationship between them is not gonna work. Getting or even having a strong relationship really helps the parents and the children. It allows them not to be confused with each other and help each other along the way. If anything feels off or something feels not right you have to tell the 2 parents not just one because one parent will get the wrong impression that you like the other parent more. My grandma raised 6 kids and she didn’t think she could do it because she said that she couldn’t provide everything for them. As a mom, she wished she could have provided more so that her kids would’ve had a better childhood. But in the end, it turned out okay. She raised them pretty well and they all now have decent jobs which makes my grandma very happy.

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There are a lot of negative people in the world and we can’t change that because the world will always be unfair to you. When I was young or even now I will always be judged for my physical attributes. For example, many people call me skinny and you are weak. I really took that to heart then it made me just feel like I’m an idiot or not fun to hang out with. But eventually, I got out of that mindset and did not listen to the people that kept giving me those negative attitudes. People never truly learned about me, they just assumed. Another example is they say I can’t bench this much but in reality, I can and I can bench more than them. Just because someone looks like they are skinny doesn’t mean that they are weak. Never doubt yourself and be proud of yourself because you know you are better than everyone else. Now you must show them how you are better than them. The way you are born and the way you look you cannot control that but you can only control the way you act and your personality plus body.

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The first Born

When you are first born you may feel that you are always treated poorly or unfairly. But in reality that is not true because you carry a greater responsibility than others that no one will understand. When you are the oldest of your siblings you carry a responsibility that requires a lot of teaching and effort. You may feel treated unfairly because your parents make you do everything and let the younger ones have an easier route. As you are the oldest you may feel like I’m powerful and all that but with that power comes great responsibility.  Every day in my life I always ask myself why did they choose me to be the oldest and now I know. I have the mindset and courage to be the oldest. Some may have different opinions but their opinions don’t matter to me because I know who I am better than anyone else. Your younger sibling can never know or understand the responsibility that you have. It’s not because they don’t want to, it’s because they don’t have that title or think the way you think because you know the burden that you must carry. I always get mad at my mom for letting my sister be so free and never have to do anything. But now I understand why she tells me to do it and not her. This is why if you are the oldest one, listen to your parents because most of the time they are right and you just gotta understand why they are correct and not you.

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Acting Tuff

Everyone in the world always tries to act tough or act like they are not afraid of anything. But in reality, they are but don’t wanna show weakness. You can act not scared here and there but don’t do it every time or else it can cause an issue in the future. There was a phase in my life where I always acted t and was not scared of anything because I wanted to show people that I’m not a little kid anymore and I can do things without being scared. For example, at the amusement park, we were about to go on a high roller coaster and usually I don’t do things but since I was acting like I wasn’t scared I went on it. During the ride, I literally almost passed out and was spinning in circles. After that experience, I realized what had happened then learned never to try and act tough or not scared like that ever again. That day or situation could have caused a big issue in the future but luckily I was okay. Another thing I don’t do is overthink something. A while back when I took shots at the doctor’s I never liked it, it was the worst feeling. But every time I go there I just think about it and overthink to the point when I’m in the office and they are about to give me a shot I get a panic attack and then start fighting the doctors. Then eventually I learned how to control my thinking so I won’t overthink as much. Just remember that whatever your body or brain tells you, you have to listen to it because most of the time it’s right and it can save you your life.

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