The Common Parts of Life


For some of us, it can sometimes be easy to feel lonely at times. We may not have many friends, or even friends at all. But luckily for me, I’ve been fortunate enough to make a lot of friends throughout my entire life. In elementary school, I usually spent my time with just two other people, but when I got to middle school, I began to make even more friends. And many of those people that I’ve come to know I still see everyday in high school. It’s great to have people that you can trust and who understand you. It’s also great when you can be close to siblings or other family members at home. At the end of the day, all of us just want someone to understand us and spend time with.


Many people often think about the idea of finding love early on in their life. We wonder if we can ever find anyone to spend the rest of our life with. And sometimes we spend so much time wondering about what we’re going to do with the rest of our lives that we forget to actually live in the moment. We should spend more time living in the present and not worrying about things that can happen later in life like love. Throughout our lives, there are more things that we can worry about than love and finding a partner, including spending our lives with what we have now.

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Reaching Goals

At any point in our lives, whether in childhood or adulthood, we become determined to do or to become something in our lives. It can be something small like learning a skill, or something really big like going on an expensive trip or having an extremely successful career. However, we may become so determined on these things that it can develop an unhealthy expectation of them. We believe that certain things may make our lives significantly better than they are right now. Sometimes, when we reach our goals, it feels different than we thought it would. It’s hard to imagine being disappointed by something that we worked so hard for. It’s because of this we should keep in mind that not everything is as good as it seems.

Dead Feelings

At some point in our lives we ask ourselves about death. Whether it be the death of us or someone close to us. And it often ends up in sadness. We never really know what to think about death about a loved one until it first happens.

When I heard the news that my grandfather had passed away, saying I was shocked wouldn’t be far from the truth. I was still very young and could barely even wrap my head around the idea that I could never see him again. For days it filled me with sadness, but eventually you have to accept death as a part of life. Accepting death is the only way to move on towards happiness.

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When We Get Older

As we grow older we begin to think about what will become of our lives. Could we be this, or that, or some other thing? We ask ourselves what we will do and what we will see. And it’s not just us asking ourselves this. Other people around us ask me too. What career are you going to choose? What college are you going to? And I never really have a specific answer beyond “I haven’t really thought about it all that much.” For a lot of my current life, I’ve been happily living with what I have. I know that I’ll have an answer eventually but just not now. I’m living a happy life and I’m excited to see what happens next.

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