Wonders in The Past

Creating Important Memories

Times pass by and you start to forget things. The important events of your life start to fade, and new ones replace them…  is what everyone tells me, all the people that have experienced this phenomenon. They always end it with the common “just like the good old days”. Life is full of mysteries and astonishing adventures, but sometimes even the smallest memories will become big memories. Something as simple as hanging out with friends in high school turns into a core memory that can be shared among others. This is what I have learned from talking to older people, they find the fact that times have changed amazing and can’t get over it. I have even experienced it myself, hanging out with friends now seems so much different from a younger age. I never really thought about how much my small memories mattered to me. But memories and important events of your life aren’t always good, some end poorly or some end tragically. At the very least, don’t take them for granted.

Picture from April Lyons Psychotherapy Group

Life Isn’t Always Fair

Sometimes you don’t get what you want. I learned this at a young age. Life isn’t always what you want it to be. My mom always told me the phrase, “life isn’t always fair”. A young kid like me wouldn’t comprehend what it really meant. There’s even that other famous quote, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”. I heard of it throughout all elementary school, it became stuck in my head. Now looking back, I can finally realize what I was being taught… Sometimes, life isn’t what you want it to be, so always look for a good solution, even in a bad situation. Appreciate what you have before it goes away. Live life to the fullest.

Picture from Forbes

Never Fear The Unknown

A lesson learned from a young age is to never fear the unknown. As a young kid I didn’t know what I liked, my interests were all over the place like a teenager’s dirty clothes in their room. My parents taught me something that sticks with me till this day. Never be afraid to try new things; never fear the unknown. I hated the idea of doing things that I have never done before, now I can look back and realize what I was doing wrong. I never tried something new, therefore I never knew what the experience of it was like. Even the small things like trying new foods can be considered never fearing the unknown. This was something I never did, I hated trying new food. But now my parents tell me I don’t know how to properly eat food.

Picture from Insight of The Day

Some Things Aren’t Meant For People

School just isn’t my thing. No matter how hard I try, or what I do, school is always getting more difficult and I can’t help but feel tired of it. I know I’m not the only one that thinks school shouldn’t be so difficult, and that some of the topics we learn are completely irrelevant to real life. Regardless, I know school is essential and I still go anyway. Deep down there’s this feeling inside of me that really despises school. I hate it so much and it stresses me out so much but there’s nothing I can do about it. One time I was struggling with my homework and got frustrated. My dad overheard me and taught me an important lesson; anger doesn’t solve problems, it only leads to more. I learned that controlling your anger helps you in many ways, not just with school.

Picture from New York School Talk

A Magical World

The monkey garden is similar to a humid tropical forest. I remember when I was around the age of 7, I went to an island off the coast of Baja Mexico. It was hot, musty, and I didn’t like it. Life was surrounding me, I could see the fish in the water, the little bugs crawling around, and the birds chirping. The day was gloomy, lots of clouds up in the sky. I was there to zipline with my family and cousins, but I really really hated the weather. I hated being sticky and dirty, it wasn’t something I wanted to enjoy. Looking back at it, the experience was phenomenal. It was something I had never experienced before yet I hated it so much. All the life that surrounded me, the humid weather, and the natural sounds of the environment made it seem so magical and surreal, just like the monkey garden.

Picture from Oasis Hotels & Resorts

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