Flashbacks of Home

“My People”

My parents are immigrints, they moved from Egypt to America about 12 years ago. Their sole purpose for moving halfway around the world was to give me and my siblings a better education and a life that they never got a chance to have. My mom’s first language is not English and a lot of times people judge her based on what she looks like, and she has had instances where people were racist to her. My parents have learned a new language for us and have tried to make it as nice of a life for me and my siblings as possible and I am extremely grateful for them. I wish that people would treat one another as human beings without judging them based on their clothes or their skin color. A perfect world would be one where everyone can mind their own business and be kind to one another. My mom is now a teacher and has worked very hard to be where she is today and I am really proud of her. She might not be the greatest person at speaking English but she tries her best and that is what is truly important. It’s not important how someone looks from the outside, what is important is what is inside their heart.

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Friends come and go, best friends are very rare to come across and when you do you better hold on to it. Some friends aren’t always good for you to be surrounded by. I have had some friends that I feel like don’t match my energy and are rude. Thankfully I have found my best friend but in my eyes she is like my sister. One of my ex friends used to voice her opinions in a rude way, either about how I look or how my glasses look ugly and make me look worse. I appreciate criticism when it is in a nice way. Friends might also have your bad intentions at heart; they might be waiting for your downfall. I am definitely more aware of my surroundings and I don’t let people in very easily, so if you lose my trust then we can never go back to how we were. When you go to your friends for advice most of the time they are biased, which sometimes I like people to be on my side of things but they aren’t going to give you the correct answer they will give you the answer that you want to hear. Friends should always be the reason that you are happy and never the reason that you are sad. All I am saying is that everyone should learn who their real friends are and who their fake friends are.

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In this society women are labeled as running the household and taking care of the children while men are respected and the ones that earn the money for their households and families. Women are looked down on and are judged if they wear clothes that are “reavling”. Whereas men are normally not judged for their clothes. Seeing a successful woman will sometimes threaten a man’s ego but in reality it should’t. I am not saying that men don’t get judged but my point is that society judges women harder than they judge men. Men and women are equals and should be treated with equal amounts of respect from society without putting one ahead of the other.

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My mom and dad moved to the United States about 12 years ago as I mentioned in one of my previous stories. We have no family in the United States so we have to look out for one another. My aunts and uncles don’t have the best life in Egypt and are sometimes struggling financially. I recently found out that my mom actually pays for her sister’s apartment. Even though my mom left Egypt she still looks out for her siblings and family. My dad sends money whenever our family needs it, but my parents are reasonable.  All of my old clothes or electronics my mom sends them down to Egypt for my cousins. Seeing how my mom and dad treat their families makes me realize that you can never truly leave behind somewhere that you grew up in. My dad and mom were very lucky to move to the United States and they don’t take it for granted. Something I admire about my parents is thatthey aren’t ashamed of their background or where they come from.

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The Unfortunate

When Esparanza gets told to make a wish, when she talks to the sistesr, she decides to wish to leave Mango Street.  Even though Esparanza doesn’t have to go back for the other people on Mango Street she feels the need to go back and “save” them. This relates to my family because my parents knew that me and my siblings wouldn’t have a good life in Egypt, so they moved to the United States. My parents have been trying to bring my uncle and aunts to the United States for many years. My parents moved here and left all their family behind in order to give me and my sibilings the lifestyle that they could have only imagined as kids. My parents are still trying to help our family in Egypt in any way that they can. I am sure that our family is grateful for everything my parents have done. I know that me and my siblings are grateful for them moving here. 

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It is hard to change people, and you should never have to change a person. A person that has had the same habits for years isn’t going to magically change over night. Sally believes that her father has changed and goes back home only for him to hit her again. It is easier to say that you have changed than you are actually changing. One of my friends isn’t in the most healthy relationship. Her boyfriend gets jealous really easily and everytime they get into an argument he promises that he will change and will trust her more. What ends up happening every single time is that they fight and get back together. I really dislike him because I feel like he guilt trips her and makes her think she needs to change herself. The truth is if you feel like you need to change yourself in order for someone to like you more than you need to end the relationship you have with said person.

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