House on Delaware Street

Volunteering With Friends

Last year, I volunteered with my friends last year to package and box up foods for the some kind of charity. On that day, it was so hot and I was sweating so much. It lasted like 4 hours, but it went by so quickly because we were also messing around and were talking to each other the whole time. I think that I packaged over 100 boxes over that time, and I was exhausted. Afterwards, my parents drove all of us to In-And-Out and Yogurtland which felt so refreshing after a long day of hard work.


When I was 6 or 7 years old, my sister and I often fought over our 3DS that our parents bought for us to share. But, I never really wanted to share and we often fought over it. I remember the one time that I was playing it on the couch and my sister wanted to use it so she tried to grab it from me but I managed to pull away before she could grab it. I then ran to the stairs and then started playing again. This time, she got the top half of the 3DS and I had the bottom and we started pulling. After 5 seconds, we heard a loud snapping sound and the 3DS was separated and was only connected by a few wires. I started crying because that was what I used to play games with.

Board Games

I remember when I was young, I was very close to one of my parents’ friends. On Lunar New Year, we would always play a board game where whoever won would get chocolate coins. I always liked this game and looked forward to it every time he came over to our house. It was almost like a tradition that we had that I always cherished. We would always laugh whenever someone lost, and the chocolate coins were always the best treat.

Messy Rooms

When I was younger, I always ignored  how messy I left everything. I didn’t care much about what I did because my mom would always clean up the mess that I had left. My room always had toys all over the place but never cleaned it up. After dinner, I never really rinsed the dishes and put it in the dishwasher for it to become clean. I’d just leave them in the sink and let my mom take care of it later. My laziness wasn’t just at ignoring chores, I also always procrastinated  when it came to doing projects and assignments. I would always distract myself by playing video games or watching TV.


When I was 8 years old, I remember going to the playground with my friends on a nice and  sunny day. We were so excited to run around and play on the jungle gym, swings, and slide. I remember climbing up to the top of the jungle gym and feeling so brave and adventurous. Next, we took turns swinging as high as we could, feeling the wind through our hair and the rush of excitement in our stomachs. Finally, we lined up to go down the slide. After a few hours of playing, we were all exhausted but happy. We sat on the grass and ate our packed lunches our parents made for us, feeling happy with our day of fun.

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