My Stories

My Best Friend

I have this friend. She’s been my best friend for over nine years and I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s been with me through the lows of my life and we have gained and lost so many friends together. I tell her all of my secrets and all of my problems too. I know she’s somebody I can trust, she’s my best friend. 

Good Friends Can Last Forever

She had no friends on the first day of her new school. She had left all her friends behind… even her best friend. For the first week of school, she would come home crying to her parents, complaining about her dad’s new job made them move across the state. She would do this every day until a gentle-looking girl came up to her at lunch and they got to know each other. Daisy. Daisy was her new friend’s name and she thought it fit her perfectly, considering she was gentle like a flower. Now, instead of coming home crying, she would come home with happy stories to tell her parents. About her new friend, Daisy.


 Everyone was different. Her friends were different. Her cousins were different. Even her siblings were different. But she didn’t want to be different. She wanted to be just like everyone else. She wanted to wear her hair like everyone else, dress like everyone else, and even act like everyone else.

“Being good is different, it makes you, you. It makes you unique,” her mother told her every day before school when she was a kid.

She never believed what her mom said as a child, so she began to change everything about herself as she grew older. She would constantly change the way she looked. Every day, she would find herself comparing her appearance to models she would see on social media. She knew it had gotten bad when it caused her to start doing terribly in school. She tried her best to stop thinking about herself in such a negative way, until she remembered what her mom would tell her, “Being good is different, it makes you, you. It makes you unique.” 

Never Forget

My mom always strived to be independent from her parents. She worked hard on her own and stressed herself out when she was only a teenager. Although she wanted her independence, she was forever grateful for her parents for bringing her to America and giving her a good life here. She would work and study every day until she finally became successful. But even when she was successful, she took her parents along with her. She never forgot about them and never thought to leave them behind after they brought her so far.


John lived in fear his whole life. Afraid of bugs, animals, heights, monsters, and the list goes on. This prevented him from doing lots of things. He refused to go hiking up high mountains and was even afraid of airplanes. He didn’t like driving fast in cars or going on roller coasters. He was very cautious. One day, his friend was driving from a really tall mountain and was stranded up there. He called John for help, but John was afraid.

“What if I die? What if I get hurt? What if something happens to me?”

He thought of all the possibilities. But in the end, he came to his senses. He realized that it was his friend and his friend was in need. He drove up the mountain, overcoming all his fears so that he could get his friend to safety. He had conquered all his fears.

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