Looking Back at the Past

“First Night Alone”

Tonight is the night that I’m finally sleeping on my own. All of my friends have already gotten used to sleeping in their own bedrooms. It was now bedtime and everyone is already sleeping, but for some reason, I can’t. Turns out it’s a lot scarier when you’re sleeping in pitch-black darkness. I felt like I could hear every little sound. CREAK! I froze in my bed and thought about where the sound came from. CRACK! My heart started to race. I contemplate whether I should run into my parent’s room. Eventually, I caved and snuggled beside them in their warm and cozy bed. That night I slept like a baby.

“Anything Can Happen in an Instant”

When I was younger, it was a normal day like any other. My brother, cousin, and I were just playing together and having fun spinning around in the living room. But the floors were made with a  gloss and slippery material so we lost control and my brother slid into a glass cabinet. The glass immediately broke and sliced my brother’s cheek. There was blood everywhere and I didn’t know how to react. My grandma came rushing and panicking while calling my uncle for help. They covered his wound and immediately rushed him to the emergency room. This was a very scary moment for me because everything happened so fast. One minute we were playing and the next my brother had blood covering his face and clothes. This goes to show how anything can happen when you least expected it.

“Some Things are Hard to Believe”

Click. The clock struck 2 am. There was so much homework tonight and it never seemed to end. My eyes were struggling to stay open, but I knew I need to finish everything because it was due tomorrow. As I was answering a question from my assignment, I heard something scurrying across my room. My heart stopped and I froze to hear it better. Suddenly, I see its little head sticking out of my closet, staring straight at me. I screamed because I was caught by surprise. My dad then came in to check on me and asked what had happened. I told him there was a mouse in my room but he didn’t believe me and went back to bed. After a while, I finally finished my homework and went to lie in my bed. I finally closed my eyes, but then the sound of little footsteps running woke me up. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I knew there was a mouse in there with me. So I picked up my stuff and slept in my parent’s room for the night.

“Responsibilities as the Oldest”

I am the oldest of my siblings. This meant when I was younger, I had power over my younger brother. I would make him do things for me and he would actually do it. However, being the oldest also meant being responsible for my younger brother. Whenever my parents weren’t there with us, I would step in and take care of him. One day at school during recess, I saw my brother’s friends running up to me urgently saying that my brother was crying. I immediately rushed to where he was to try to figure out what was going on. My brother was a very sensitive person when he was younger so he cried very easily. Apparently, someone was making fun of him and I asked him if he was alright. And of course, I stood up for my brother and started yelling at all of the other kids and they soon walked away because they didn’t have the guts to say anything to my face. After that incident, they didn’t try to bother my brother ever again.

“Tough Love”

As a kid, I’ve always thought that my parents never loved me because they were always yelling at me. But as I grew older, I realized that there are so many things that they do for us that we don’t see. They spend most of their time making money in order to give us everything we need. But we aren’t grateful because we didn’t know at the time. So, it might seem like they don’t love you but sometimes it’s not expressed in an obvious way.

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