Stories on San Candelo Street

Thinking about the Past

My brothers and I were definitely a struggle for my parents when we were young. We would always throw things at each other and fight and wrestle like boxers on the bed. My twin brother was definitely the most ruthless of all. He would shoot me with Nerf guns every time I’d approach him and overseason my food with salt or sugar. Sometimes it was too much for my parents to handle since I would always whine to them when he pulled one of his annoying pranks and he would ignore them and keep going. However, as we’ve gotten older, and all the foolish things we did together are now in the past, it’s now something we cherish and talk about for fun. It’s a way we bond with each other, now that we are teenagers. It’s crazy to think about how much our sibling relationship has changed, but also how much hasn’t changed.

A Bouquet of Love

My grandparents would Facetime me every day after school, even though we live a walking distance away. I would pick up food they made for dinner that night and in return, I’d give them a flower, a dandelion to be exact. Eventually, my grandparents would have collected a whole bouquet of dandelions, but I never asked them what they did with it. Did they throw it away? I thought to myself. I decided to ask them the next time I saw them and they said that it was a secret. At this point, I was so curious that I decided to sneak into their house while they weren’t home and I then found the huge bouquet in the attic, filled with jewelry and wedding accessories. I was super shocked, to say the least, but I also realized that I might not get married any time soon. I set a new goal that day and now, 10 years later, my goal will be accomplished.

Dad’s Favorite

No matter how expensive they get or if they’re out of stock, my dad will always find a way to get his hands on some Squirt soda. The rejuvenating, mellow scent of grapefruit topped with refreshing ice would always make him smile. He would always keep a stash in the garage just in case there was no more. However, the soda company announced that Squirt was being discontinued, and I knew my dad would be devastated. A couple packs wouldn’t be enough to last a whole month. Before I could go to the store, I saw my dad and I felt so hopeless. His face was blank, but I know deep down inside he feels like a crumpled piece of paper. “I…I don’t know what to say. I can’t believe it’s gone after all these years.”

Reality Strikes

Strum. Chuck. Strum. 

The sounds I hear almost every day after school. The sounds my parents hate hearing after a long day. It makes me feel a bit invalidated because it is something I really enjoy spending time doing. They sometimes act like it’s damaging to their ears if I’m accidentally a bit loud. I do love my parents, I really do. But I just want an ounce of support from them. 

“Stop playing that annoying ringing guitar!!”

“You’re never gonna do anything else in life if you keep sitting in your room like that.”

Although it hurts, I won’t let it stop me from doing what I want. One day, my parents may be praying for my downfall once I succeed.


The old house my family used to live in will be a place I will always remember. I lived there for the majority of my life, so I made lots of memories and friendships while living there. Every year, we’d plant a different type of flower for our front yard, and the neighbors really liked it and always looked forward to the following year. I was really sad when we moved because I had moved far away from my old friends and left all the amazing places nearby. But it’s about time we all start a new chapter of our lives, and who knows, it might get better from then on!

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