The House that wasn’t on Mango Street


Bark, Bark, Bark. Everyone has territories more or less are territories created by animals in this case my dog — of 2 years, Francis — whose territory is the house. If he hears anything and I mean anything around the house he will start barking like crazy. If he hears a kid across the street he’ll start barking as much as he can, not even stopping when we tell him. If someone he doesn’t see often comes into the house he will start barking like crazy (but not do anything else because he’s a hypocrite and will only bark for his territory).

A photo of Francis.

A Man Upstairs?

God. Is there a God? Personally, I don’t believe there is. I used to be religious when I was younger but it was more or less forced, I didn’t care for what it stood for but I couldn’t get out of going. Finally, around 2-3 years ago my parents finally started to understand that I didn’t believe in anything. They slowly started to stop pushing their beliefs onto me. At least finally now I am free from practicing something I don’t believe in.

They say there is a God, but he’s always out of reach, is a he concept or a reality.


My future, I never went to a person that can so-called ”tell you your future”, nor believe in it, but I have thought about my future. I have thought about it and I believe I can/will have a decent future. The only thing I think will hold me back is how much I procrastinate. I procrastinate a lot. . . I have turned what should have been a project done over three months into an hour on the day before it’s due. I did still get it done, and still got an A on it but still. My procrastination leads to 30-minute assignments becoming 2-hour assignments. I’ve been trying to fix my procrastination problem and I believe if I am able to do so I will be better off in the future. I still don’t really know what I want to do in the future but I think whatever I will do will be fine.

Metaphorical representation of me with homework :/


Pursue your education, what my parents always tell me, and which I always agree on. I understand that they are telling me to pursue education because they know it’ll give me the best chance in life and I am happy that they understand that and constantly keep telling me. I appreciate that my parents constantly keep telling me to pursue education. 🙂

“Learn to Love” something I believe my parents have told me before.


I was eight when I learned how the world worked. My aunt took her son and me to the fair. My parents gave me some money to buy food and play games there. My cousin and I would buy basically the same thing the other got. About an hour and a half passed by and everything was going well until we found a specific game. The game in question was to throw a ball into a cup and win a fish. We were told this was the last thing we’d do before we had to go so I spent the remaining money I had on three balls I think, and my cousin did the same. I went first, then he went until my final ball. I missed. . . he was about to throw but then his mom stopped him. “What if you do it backward with your eyes closed,” she said. When he turned his back I saw his mother give the man in charge a twenty-dollar bill to let him win. He missed, but the man placed a ball in the cup. When he went to choose his fish his mom came up to me and said,” never speak of this.” That’s the day I learned money rules the world.

Money Rules. . .

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