The House on Mango Street.

We had no idea what just happened. Everything was so fast and bumpy and lights were shooting around at the speed of light. After it was over all we could do was smile, look at each other, and smile again. Indiana Jones gave us a run for our money, he gave us something that we could remember for years. After so long and after so much work and determination we finally got to a place where we can smile, without worry in the world. Two of my best friends could not stop smiling and I couldn’t help but feel happy that they finally could.

Really long lines, disappointing, but not unexpected. A person who drank too much and wants to fight me and my dad, was not unexpected. But the show blew my mind all the way to the moon. The atmosphere of the stage is like no other and I’m so glad I got to do it with the two people I love most in this world. Standing up for 5 hours didn’t feel like anything when the base was coursing through my veins. The lights reflected off my glasses and made a mini rave in my mind. The lyrics processing in my mind as I don’t care about anyone may be judging me. Dancing however I want to and lifting my hands up and down. The end was the hardest part and I was sad to drive off, but we talked about it all night long. I guess the first show will be the best show.

Five of us decided we wanted to jump, jump a lot. It didn’t even matter that the kids there were under 12, we still jumped and we went crazy. From dodgeball to tag, I don’t think I’ve done that much cardio since running the mile every 2 days in middle school. After every 30 seconds of running, there would be 60 seconds of panting and another 60 seconds to catch the pack up. As soon as 10 o’clock hit, the place was ours and ours only. From the kid’s section to the deep foam pit, it was ours and no one could even touch it. After 2 more hours of jumping, we finally found our limit and headed home. But something came with me from the jump house, a cold.

One Photo can show me my past. It can show me every choice people have made so I can stand here and look. It’s crazy to imagine that every single choice made in history has led to everyone we know! One small shift in history and who knows what could’ve happened. That’s why I’m thankful to my family for doing what they did so I can live the amazing, cruel, twisted, stressful, lovely, beautiful, heartfelt, and joyous life that is the one I live right now. But here I am looking in awe at what has led me to live and wondering what’s next for me. Who knows if I’m ever going to make such a choice that can lead to life. I’m so thankful for my family, I couldn’t imagine what I’d be doing in life, literally.

Five minutes, that’s all we have left so make the most of it. Say goodbye, we have to go. Get in the car and pack up. Take in the view one last time and take a deep breath and remember all the memories. “Remember when you screamed when the yeti came up.”

“Remember when we ate so many churros we nearly vomited”

“Remember when we went on Space Mountain five times in a row”


“I was so dizzy the son had 2 brothers”

“Like us, we are brothers, but I’m the sun”

“I’m definitely the moon”

“Sonny is the Earth”

“He sure is”

“Let’s go boys!”

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