Almost American Girl: an illustrated memoir

Almost American Girl is a story about a Korean girl moving to America without any notice. With being so different and from a different country, she finds it extremely hard to fit in which is something I know a lot of us struggle with, finding a place to belong. It lets us be able to relate to a story, and lets us know that we are not alone. Even if you cannot relate to some of the topics brought up in the novel, it allows for you as the reader to be aware of these kinds of things happening around you.

In experts’ opinion, this book is most suited for teenagers in grades 7-12. It grapples onto topics like cultural change, bullying, and trying to integrate to a new place. Many people online also have written reviews about the book and are saying how they recommend it to all. As you can see, a lot of people are saying the same things, it has exposed them to different types of topics, and even the Korean culture that they are not used to.

Also if you love anime inspired art styles, YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE THIS NOVEL. It has beautiful art and you can tell the artist took their time on this work. The colors, shading, and details go perfectly together and really help keep the reader intrigued. It also adds a lot to the story line, for example, at one point in the novel the art color starts to change; it goes from the pastels to a lot of browns to indicate a rough and hard time.

To conclude, Almost American Girl is a must read. It not only focuses on topics that we as teenagers can relate to, but even in experts’ opinions is a good read. The art keeps us hooked into the novel, but also creates a deeper meaning that leaves an impact on you.

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