Fire Force 01

Logos: Do you enjoy shonen manga and interesting characters? Do action scenes and intricate stories intrigue you? If so, then the Fire Force is a manga that could be of interest to you. With a compelling plot and distinguishable character development, this manga does offer ways to deep dive into the series and live through the disastrous events of human combustion.

In this manga, typical fire fighters don’t deal with situations of humans turning into burning devils as apparently human combustion seems to be a bigger issue than actual fires. The protagonist Shinra believes in being the hero of this issue and attempts to rise out to save the city of Tokyo. It’s like firefighters putting out fires to save people except people are being saved because they are the “fire”.

Trying new manga can start with the Fire Force Manga, as its action packed scenarios and humorous characters also give a different perspective than from the manga. At first glance, it looked generic and plain, with nothing giving off a good story line and new interesting concepts. These specialized fire fighters are tasked to save the world, which is pretty relatable to the actual roles of firefighters. And by trying out this manga, if you are still interested in it there are several volumes following it plus it being a prequel to the manga Soul Eater. It will definitely be a roller coaster throughout future volumes and through the sequel if you continue the adventure of this manga.

Just in the second panel of the manga, things are already getting heated!

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