Minecraft: A Story From the Overworld

Hello, my name is SmilyKyle and I am a sophomore in highschool. I hope to convince you to read Minecraft: A Story From the Overworld by using the different modes of persuasion. I am particularly interested in this book because Minecraft is one of my childhood games and I still enjoy playing it in the present.

(Pathos) Was Minecraft one of you childhood games? It sure was mine and I am sure that many others loved to play minecraft too. I would play Minecraft for hours and hours by myself or with my friends and I did not regret anything. Minecraft holds a place in my heart that no other games hold. this is why this graphic novel is perfect for me and many others who would play this game on end. It tells a story about a griefer that learns that griefing can have consequences. We all hate griefers, especially the ones that griefed our bases back in the days. That is why this story is so perfect.

(Logos) Many people love to play Minecraft. If you love to play minecraft, you’ll understand why this book is worth a read. Anyone who plays minecraft know that griefers are the worst. Now, you see where a story where a griefer turns for the good. Who wouldn’t want to see a griefer turn good?

(Ethos) In my opinion, this was a great short read and was definitely worth the time. It turns an antagonist into a protagonist and it shows how that character develops throughout the story. I found it interesting on how this character develops and makes up for her mistakes by the end of the story.

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