The Amazing Peter Parker

(Pathos) I’m sure you’ve heard of Spider Man. You need to read this novel! Why? The story relates so much to everyday life, almost like you’re in the story. From being late to school, fighting the school bully, and a lot more, the story is relatable to any student. Doesn’t this sound like an average day at high school? Imagine the chaos and disasters that would happen without Spider Man. School would be a dangerous place if Spider Man didn’t protect the citizens. Plus, he could be at our school! Who knows.

(Logos) Spider Man displays great heroism throughout the novel. He proves that there is always a good guy to the plot, saving the day each and every time. But why is this important? Without a hero, the world will get ugly fast. Spider Man paves a way for everyone to be heroes just like him. He teaches others to stand up for friends, rebel against the evil, and to help when needed. This lets everyone be a hero too.

(Ethos) According to book critic Kyle Pham, The Amazing Peter Parker is a must read. He states that the plot is, “Just too good to not read,” and that, “Each and every detail added to the book completes the overall story line,”. Clearly this book is right for you. Simply put, this may be the best story to exist.

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