The Amazing Spider-Man, A week with the web-slinger

Hello, my name is Lana , I hope you enjoy this reccomendation post. I will be explaining why The Amazing Spider-Man, A week with the web-slinger is a must read through pathos, logos, and framing, also known as modes of persuasion.


Spider-Man, also known as Peter Parker is a superhero, but he also lives the life of the average teenage boy. He attends school, spends time with his girfriend, and even has a job. On top of all this, he still makes time to save his city when it’s in trouble. This week, he had an essay due for school and readers see him balance his personal and superhero life, seeing how much of a struggle it is.


I’m sure everyone has watched a superhero movie at least once before, whether it was Superman, Batman, or even Powerpuff Girls. Well, if you enjoyed that, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this comic. Readers get to see Spider-Man saving his city and fighting off villains. The situations he gets into are interesting and make you want to read more!


Instead of reading a boring book, the comic makes it much more enjoyable to read. Readers get to see colorful pictures instead of having to read the entire, which gets very repetitive. The comic also includes information on Spider-Man so first-time readers aren’t confused. It is an interesting read that can generally boost your mood.

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