The breadwinner

(Pathos) The novel starts with the father and his daughter selling clothes to people on side of the street. They run into one of the father’s old students who is now apart of the Taliban. They speak for a little and the old student tells the father that his daughter should cover up more as he will be looking into getting a wife soon. However, the father says she is already promised to someone else. They then head home where the daughter ask if she is getting married soon, where the father answers, “No, you are still a child, you should be playing and telling stories.” This shows how messed up it is over in Afghanistan where women don’t have rights at all. Their father’s have to say they’re promised as someone else’s wife in order to keep her from being taken as if they were objects. This really shows us how lucky we are to be living in America where we try to give everyone equal rights even though some people may view it differently.

(Ethos) This is also Deborah Ellis’s best selling novel. It is an award-winning novel about loyalty, family, and survival under the Taliban’s rule. The family is very close to each other and even when put through many struggles they still risk their lives for each other. With a 4.5 rating on amazon and selling over 2 million copies worldwide, it is truly a must read.

(Logos) If you love learning about big issues happening in our world, this novel is a must read. It gives you insight and a perspective of what happens in Afghanistan under all this war with the government and the Taliban. Women are treated like objects and aren’t allowed outside without covering up and a man occupying them. There is constant blood-shed with men getting killed for not wanting to help fight a war. People everywhere getting shot for no reason and stepping on land mines. Everyone should be reading this novel to really give you a reality check and appreciate what you have, but if you love learning about world-wide issues then I truly recommend this novel.

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