Your Lie in April Is the Best Manga but It Also Makes You Want to Cry

I’m Benjamin Woo, and I’m just an ordinary trying to survive through high school. There’s a lot of work to do, and therefore that leaves me with little time to do stuff I actually want to do such as playing League of Legends or reading manga. Speaking of manga, my favorite would have to be Your Lie in April since it’s basically perfect in every way. In this manga, there’s a boy named Arima Kousei, and he used to be forced to practice piano for hours on end in order to be the best of the best. However, ever since his mother passed away, he has completely lost all motivation to even touch the piano ever again until he meets this girl, Kaori Miyazono. All of a sudden, his world is turned upside down and he falls in love with her, and the rest is spoilers. Please go check it out, it’s pretty sweet.

This manga is honestly really depressing. It leaves you with a bittersweet feeling, in a way that satisfies you but also leaves you hanging. Miyazono’s death at the end has led Kousei to find his way in life, but at the cost of her death as well ironically.

If you love mangas that can leave you depressed for the next week, then Your Lie in April is perfect for you! It also has a perfect mix of romance and comedy mixed in, so you can’t be bored watching this, although the first few mangas may be slow. Once you dive deep into it though, it’s hard to stop reading. The scenes developed from what seems to be a light-hearted comedy manga into a pretty depressing state, but some people including me love this stuff.

Since I listen to way too much classical music, I can say that the classical music that is used in this manga is really good. They chose specific Chopin etudes, and the ones they picked are perfect for the atmosphere and also sound cool, which is a massive plus.

For those who also love classical music, this manga has a lot of that stuff. The fact that it emphasizes Chopin’s music is already enough, and the playing of the pieces on stage is extremely high quality. So yeah, this manga is pretty worth it to check out, I can almost guarantee you that you will love this manga, and it’s very famous for a good reason.

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