Attack on Titan

Pathos– In Attack on Titan, it takes place in a world where people live in cities that are protected from Titans, enormous humanoid creatures that seem to devour people for no apparent reason, for many years no titans breached the walls of Maria, Rose, and Sina. Yet the walls were breached in the first episode/ manga. Attack on Titan has many heart-wrenching scenes that affected many viewers. One of the characters, Hange, died. She has a significant supporting role in the Attack on Titan anime and manga series. She is a Squad Leader with the Survey Corps and is considered somewhat quirky as a result of her intense interest in researching Titans. Hange can be trusted and leads her team to victory despite the fact that she gave her life protecting her team and the Shiganshina district’s residents. In season 4, Hange’s team releases the Scouts held captive at Castle Utgard, she instructs everyone that it is time to depart. The Scouts begin to leave. After seeing Mikasa (one of the main characters) attempt to kill Reiner and Berthold (survey corps that turned out to be titans and disguised), Hange attacks the Colossal titan. He is successful up until the titan begins to release burning gas. She decides to help Eren (the main character) in his battle with the Armored Titan since she is unable to continue the assault. By thinking back to the early history of armor, Hange correctly deduces that the ostensibly indestructible Armored Titan that had exposed areas at the joints to allow for mobility. The Colossal Titan falls from the Wall due to the explosion that follows and is almost knocked out by Eren and Mikasa as they try to bring him down. Later it is discovered that Hange is one of the wounded, so when the main forces begin to pursue, he must be left behind. She nevertheless advises them to head to the Forest of Giant Trees because she can foresee the enemy’s need for a place to rest until dusk.

Ethos- The Survey Corps was the military branch that engaged in Titan combat, Titan research, human population growth, and exploration outside the walls. They had the most competent soldiers, who were dependable and skilled in using equipment for vertical maneuvers. With their “Wings of Freedom” motto, they carried on representing the “hope of mankind” despite their failure of trying to save the people of Shiganshina district. They hoped that their actions would one day alter the course of history and allow them to bring back to humanity what had been lost.

Logos– In many peoples point of view, Attack on titan has an amazing storyline that makes people think about it. Its one of those manga’s that are just one of a kind with the plot, characters, and reasoning behind why it happened. Although most of the anime is about defeating the titans, it is also about trying to improve yourself despite of the fact that some people are horrible and betrays one another. The world is cruel, and you are helpless. Because its heart is focused on its people and their struggles to survive, it frequently spends its time considering whether it is worthwhile risking everything on a single chance in order to take a single small step toward breaking free from the walls. Most of the time, it gives humanity a less than favorable impression, but it never really descends into pessimism or condemnation of human frailties. It presents a negative view of people and their surroundings but firmly believes that if they can overcome these flaws and genuinely work cooperatively with one another, they will receive the freedom and happiness that Eren so desperately seeks in the manga.

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