Positively Izzy: A Story of Two Girls in Middle School

Hi, my name is Talia Erem. I am a sophomore who is navigating through the journey of finding myself. Through this, I experience ups and downs, but as long as I keep what’s important to me in mind, I know that things will be okay. As a student who likes to read manga, books, comics, and other non-school related things, I’m going to introduce this graphic novel that I recently found. It’s called Positively Izzy.

(Pathos) Has there ever been a time when you wanted to be someone else, or to be seen for more than what you’re known for? The two main characters in the graphic novel, Positively Izzy, are Brianna and Izzy. They go to Lakefront middle school and it centers on a half day where there is a talent show in the evening. Izzy is known for not focusing in class and always daydreaming. She is interested in arts and crafts and is hyped for participating in the talent show. However, she wants to do better and everyone keeps on telling her “Focus.” Brianna on the other hand is known as the “Brain.” People say that she is stiff and not as funny and easygoing as others. Both girls want to grow in these areas. It relates to how as people, we want to become a better person and improve ourselves. 

(Logos) If you have dealt with wanting to change or struggling, this graphic novel is a perfect match for you! Especially when it comes to two girls in middle school trying to find their innermost selves. Although some graphic novels have fighting scenes, action, and more intense subjects, Positively Izzy is more of a comfort and wholesome graphic novel to read. If you’ve read anything related to a person who goes on a hike up the mountain and finally reaches their goal with support from the people around them, this is the right read for you. It also reminded me of a movie called Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop. It has a similar feel to this graphic novel. Those stories always leave a lasting impression and leave you reading with a smile. 

This relates to my Pathos claim. Sometimes, we forget to study for a test. Izzy on the other hand forgot to do AND bring her take-home test.

(Ethos) Don’t get me wrong, I understand that maybe something not filled with much action isn’t the type of genre that you normally read. Me neither. I love reading anything related to action and fantasy. However, the stories that leave me in awe are the ones just like Positively Izzy. The graphic novel doesn’t just state what the character did or what the effect was. It shows their innermost thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the world around them. Seeing multiple perspectives as well as relating to them gives the reader a sense of comfort and belonging. So whenever I feel left out, lost, or having a rough time in life, my mind always snaps back to stories like Positively Izzy. Once I remember that, what I’m feeling or going through doesn’t feel like it’s such a horrendous obstacle anymore. Positively Izzy delivers the genuine road that Brianna and Izzy are walking on. Although they sometimes stumble, they eventually find their way back. This is what keeps the reader engrossed in the story and makes it a good read in general.

All in all, I recommend reading Positively Izzy. It’s a graphic novel for all ages and can touch a soft spot in your heart.

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