Ripple Effects

My name is sidthesci3ncekid, and I am a sophomore at FVHS. I invite you to read Ripple Effects by Jordan Hart & Bruno Chiroleu. Live in the footsteps of a young teenage boy, struggling with a fatal disease, hindering him from performing at his utmost best. Whose, ironically, worst struggle is his crushing case of writer’s block. We all can push some problems aside, but some are best dealt with head-on.

Pathos: The story starts off in a small town, where the main character, George Gibson lives in a small home, where his parents are struggling to pay off their medical debts. It’s heartwarming to see his parents doing everything in their power to help their child. Sacrificing parts of themselves to help their son prosper. This story has many different things to offer. It’ll always wake you up to the good things you weren’t paying attention to. Though George isn’t the only one with supernatural abilities, he finds new friends that share similar abilities. The novel uniquely depicts the dedication of not giving up, and the true strength of friendship.

Logos: This graphic novel well especially reach out to those suffering from acute type 1 diabetes. Millions of teenagers around the world live with this condition, and this story is one that they can relate to. I personally relate to this as well, since a close friend of mine is also struggling with type 1 diabetes, and I can see the daily routine he has to go through everyday to stay healthy. This disease can be fatal for some, requiring glucose injections on a frequent basis, similar to our main character George Gibson. Inhibiting his ability to stop crime, and for others, hindering their ability to focus on everyday activities. This novel can be a source of inspiration for people to pursue their dreams and aspirations, without having to be held back by this disease. Even for readers that have good health, it’s important to see the daily lifestyle of someone with an invisible condition.

Kairos: Exigence is present all throughout this entertaining graphic novel. The author Jordan Hart also suffers from a different, but lethal and incurable disease called thrombophilia. Thrombophilia is a rare genetic disease that makes blood clots much more common in a person’s body. The author himself is going through daily blood-thinning medication to help him stay healthy and alive. The author states, “Ripple Effects is a reflection of my struggles, both physical and emotional, of living with a chronic and lethal disease.” The author decided to give George type 1 diabetes due to the fact that his very close friend was struggling with it as well. This way the author could encapsulate the struggles of living with an incurable disease and merge it with the life of his friend. In all, one thing that the author wants readers to take away is to see what it’s like to live with such a disease, and the little things that people have to go through to live a happy and healthy life.

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