WindMaker Vol #1 is a great graphic novel

If you like stories about a dystopian society in the future, then this story will be for you. This main focus of this story is of how a president of an African country named Atala has been president for over the two term per president limit. He is also trying to change laws to keep himself as president. Causing riots from the citizens and people wanting to remove him because he limits their freedom of speech, liberty and political freedom.

Another great reason to read this story is that it shows people might not always be what they seem. People in charge of others could show empathy towards the people that are affected by their workers. The leader of the police force known as the director of the red knights, showed mercy and empathy to a citizen that was about to become a victim of police brutality. Once the director came along and stopped anything completly irrational from happening. Giving the message to treat everyone with kindness and respect because you don’t know what they are going through.

The book is written by an amazing author as well, named Roye Okupe. He has accomplished many things and has become an award winning filmaker, and author. Meaning that his all of his works have been shown to have a great story and message behind it. Giving him a good reputation amoung the African authors and filmaker. In fact, on amazon you can even purchase his online book. It has a rating of 4.9 out of 5. Even showing that his book is great.

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