Why You Should Read the Flying Witch

Hi, my name is Summer. I am a sophomore enrolled in Fountain Valley High School and I enjoy reading graphic novels and manga in my free time. I would like to recommend to read the light-hearted manga Flying Witch by Chihiro Ishizuka. I hope that after reading through this small article people will begin to read Flying Witch.

1. If you are someone who enjoys slice-of-life, humorous, or light-hearted books or novels, then this manga is for you! Flying Witch is a story about a witch girl moving into a town full of non-witches with her family. She learns the difference between living a normal life and living as a witch. If you love cheerful, fictional mangas, you will love Flying Witch!

2. This graphic novel does not have any sad or tragic events; it is all very wholesome and optimistic! If you need a good light novel to read, then read Flying Witch. Flying Witch is full of humor and cheerful sceneries that won’t leave you sobbing. This manga is the perfect short story to read on a sunny day in the park or relaxing at home while drinking coffee. 

3. As someone who others describe as joyful, energetic, and optimistic, I can say that this novel is a very pleasant and enjoyable read. I personally love adorable short stories that will boost my mood anytime. Flying Witch does exactly that! I would recommend this calming and relaxing book for anyone with an interest to read short stories. 

4. Flying Witch is also a great novel to read because the characters are likeable and may be relatable to the audience! The main character, Makoto Kowata, can be very relatable to people who moved to new schools or places to live. Getting used to a new lifestyle and culture may be difficult, but if you meet the right people then it will not seem like a chore at all!

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