They Called Us Enemy: A Look into America’s Concentration Camps

Everyone knows that during WW2, the U.S. helped with the cause of liberating the concentration camps of the Nazis. Yet, the story of America’s own concentration camps during that time is almost completely overshadowed. After Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese Empire, 120,000 Americans of Japanese descent were forced into the concentration camps due to the mass hysteria.

Despite the circumstances, George Takei’s family tried to live the best way they could.

In They Called Us Enemy, George Takei tells the story of his life as a Japanese boy in the camps, imprisoned for the crime of merely being Japanese. This graphic novel helps shed light onto this injustice of the past, while being a bittersweet tale of trying to just make it through life, despite the circumstances.

“They Called Us Enemy” calls upon readers to see past the walls, cages and words that divide us.

– Washington Post

So, if you want to dive into the past and explore the truth of America’s concentration camps, look no further than They Called Us Enemy, the New York Times bestseller that won the American Book Award and is critically acclaimed by reviewers. After all, the only way to help against the anti-Asian hate of today is to understand what had (and has) been happening, and this book is a great way to start or continue.

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