Learning, but Artificially?

Being a student in the world of AI is quite an interesting experience. You have every single tool to complete any homework assignment you could ever have, all right at your fingertips. I feel that students definitely take advantage of AI, but those are just some of the consequences that teachers must face in the rapidly advancing society we have today.

In some cases, AI is extremely helpful. Some teachers cannot teach to save their lives, which is where AI can step in and help students out. I’ve used AI to help explain my math problems to me in a way that would make sense. And it works every time. AI is a better math teacher than my actual math teacher. Sometimes, I use AI to explain why some historical events happened. After reviewing with AI for several minutes, the ideas click in my head and I fully understand the concepts.

In other cases, AI can be detrimental to a student’s learning. I know most kids at my school use AI for everything. They work without a brain; they type in the question into ChatGPT and then copy down whatever CHatGPT replies with. Yes, they get their homework done, but they aren’t the ones doing it. These kids won’t ever learn the material that their teachers are trying to teach. They are simply learning how to copy and paste.

I think, like everything in life, AI has pros and cons. However, I like to step away from AI and just appreciate it for what it is. I like to appreciate how far humans have gone through the internet and technology and how they were able to produce something that will definitely benefit many lives out there in the future.

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